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Miles Morgan 1 month ago @milesmorganphotography

CAVRCVahBPT SHUTTERMONKEYS TV INTERVIEW: LINK IN BIO - If you have 45 minutes to fill and you’ve finished Netflix (as the father of a 1 year old…. eff you very much), skip on over to the Shuttermonkeys TV Channel and view a video interview with the legendary @ianplantphoto, @ryandyar, and - to quote Ian - “Some Dork” where I completely monopolize the conversation with mindless tangents instead of letting the two professional photographers talk about anything helpful. To give you an idea of how it went, I called Ryan before we started and confessed that I had never used the video function on my camera and asked what settings I should use. With a voice serious enough to make me buy it, he told me to make sure that I way overexposed because it isn’t really an issue in video. So now it’s an interview with two guys and Casper the Friendly Ghost. The bastard is probably still laughing. And it went downhill from there. One of the things we talk about in the interview is my proclivity to comp stomp. So I will simply say this about the image I’m posting today: If you want to comp stomp this shot, feel free, but you better bring cookies because I shot it from my living room. Even though this was taken indoors, the shooting conditions were some of the most dangerous I’ve encountered. Bleary-eyed from being up all night with our then 8 month old, Mrs. Morgan finally had her down for an early morning nap when I arrived in the living room and completely freaked out over the conditions. I ran upstairs, grabbed my camera, and set up shop. I demanded that she turn off the TV and all the lights and sit in the pitch dark for 45 minutes so I wouldn’t get any glare off the glass. The constant clicking of the a shutter woke up little Kinsley, and if you’ve ever startled a sleeping 8 month old and then passed her off to her Mommy, you understand the grave peril of the situation. #worthit I figured there was no more appropriate way to mark the 40th anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption than to post an image of Mt. Hood. #global_hotshotz #worldprime #jaw_dropping_shots #ig_world_colors #igrefined #igbest_shotz #globeshotz #ig_color #NikonNoFilter #ig_bliss #RRS2020




Arif Ikhwani 2 hours ago @arif.ikhwani

CCnuD4cgEw3 "Stand Together" . 📍Perkebunan Teh Rahonng, Pangalengan 🇮🇩 . . I’m Using 🔳 Haida Filter GND Soft 1.2 Nano Pro and ⬛ Haida Filter Nd 0.9 Red Diamond Follow @haidaindonesia to see the most amazing picture, and tag your the best shots with #haidaindonesia . . . . . #mountains #landscape #instagood #photooftheday #nature #amazingearth #natgeo #arifikhwani #beautiful #colorful #visualsofearth #travelling #landscapephotography #earth #mountain #geography #bestvacations #explore #adventure #discover #travel #nature #earthpix #discoverearth #ourplanetdaily #longexposureoftheday #photography #longexposure




Kyle 6 months ago @k_rowejo




Issue 01 Out Now! 3 days ago @minimalzine

CCd3Ffbpaca #minimalzine #stayathome #supporteachother — Photos by @ladygrinningsoul____ — Thanks to @masarutakahashii for the nomination 😷🤝




Norman Robert Foster 1 month ago @officialnormanfoster

CBX6HMflYBE Visiting the newly restored pavilion in Zurich by Le Corbusier - designed in 1964




studio wok 4 days ago @studio_wok

CCc5mcVHcrG "... piccole nicchie nei muri per il gioco di comporre nature morte con oggetti curiosi."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Gio Ponti, una piccola casa ideale, in Domus n. 138 giugno 1939. Illustrazione ripubblicata nel libro Domus (1928-1939), una raccolta delle copertine e di alcuni disegni della rivista, a cura di C. Fiell e P. Fiell, @taschen 2017.




Fabien Baron 1 day ago @fabienbaron



CCLsJr4HLL1 “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” // just realised that i havent post this series, it was shot before circuit breaker 😅 ft. @ricejasminee . . . #sonyportraits #pursuitofportraits #portraitphotography




Lake District 2 days ago @lakedistrict

CCiQ3dMDcKy Fancy a scone and boat ride? Yesterday evening at Grasmere by @faerylandgrasmere To be featured, follow @lakedistrict and tag us! 🏕




Pelle Faust 2 days ago @pelle.faust

CCiWw5RIaOF Off to the mountains tomorrow! 🇨🇭 🏔 To be honest it’s been way too long since the last bigger roadtrip and this one is going to be very exciting for sure: High mountains, alpine lakes, heavy breathing and tons of good Swiss food incoming! 🥘 • PLUS there will be an even more exciting project right before we’re heading to Switzerland tomorrow. Stay tuned. 🎥 📺 😁 #roadtrip #switzerland 🧀 • • #weroamgermany #nature #planetwildlife #agameoftones #photooftheday #folkgood #uniladadventure #artofvisuals #moodygrams #ourplanetdaily #folkgreen #love #earthofficial #lensbible #germany #photooftheday #visualsofearth #nature #bestvacation #healthy #earthpix #mystopover #roamtheplanet #goodmorning #optoutside #instagram #goals #9gag




Lauren Bath | Australia 1 day ago @laurenepbath

CCk_4zjAC9d People always ask me how they can get a job with @thetravelbootcamp, especially at the moment because we’ve just hired five new team members! And because I’m feeling equally excited for where we’re heading, and nostalgic for where we started, I want to tell the story of meeting @danielle.mcdonald. For those that don’t know, Danielle (pictured) is our Marketing Manager and has worked with us for over a year now. She started out helping us write emails to our database one day a week but soon became our first proper hire and an integral part of our team! She’s driven, smart as a whip and has so much initiative! She’s been working closely with all the new members of our team and has slipped into a managerial role without much direction from us. Funnily enough, I first met Dani when she slipped into my DM’s two years ago to invite me to Hvar in Croatia when she saw that I was touring Europe. Although I didn’t follow her or know anything about her, I decided that it was a fantastic idea to detour from Split to cross the ocean on a car ferry and stay at the property she was working at. 😂 Dreamboat also went for the idea. 😳 Luckily for us, Danielle was not an axe murderer! 😂🔨 After meeting, we stayed in touch, and I realised Dani would be perfect for the Bootcamp. The rest of the team have come to us through more conventional channels, but we’re always looking out for the weirdo’s. 🙊 Welcome to team Bootcamp @katnielsencreates , @emilieschol , @claire_brack , @chloepearl and our amazing editors. (Announcement coming soon! 🤫) ❤️❤️




Modest Manors 2 months ago @modestmanors

CAGnD6oJx0W Those angles though 👌🏽 Loving this private villa design by @alex_nerovnya #modestmanors #openairarchitecture




Eeva Mäkinen 1 week ago @eevamakinen

CCT5T9eh8xy When people ask me what are my favourite moments in nature, this would be the answer. ↟ #finland #kuusamo #fog




ohnoradeo 1 month ago @ohnoradeo

CBW6f6WgpHD {coyote tricks}