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A couple of shots from one of my favourite evenings on the trip so far. We booked tickets to Europe a month out and couldn't decide what to do. My inlaws suggested 5 nights in Paris with them and we thought after that we'd head to Corsica. 48 hours before we were going to go, the weather looked awful for a bike ride. So we found a cheap flight to Portugal and got to googling. We found an epic trail hundreds of kilometers long that followed the coast. Sounded perfect. Turned out the bike trail was a hiking path, and had we had more time to research we probably would have known that. But we improvised and rolled up into the same coastal towns and took a day off every other day to explore by foot what we couldn't by bike. You might think we are crazy to cycle tour with a toddler. But! Travelling by bike has so far been our easiest means of travel. It's meant we get exercise and alone time, two things we cherish while travelling long term. It is not all rainbows and sunsets, I am beyond sleep deprived and still praying for the day I can sleep without being woke up 5+ times, but if I can take my daughter out to sunsets like this, all will be well.

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Glad you enjoyed my little corner of the world.
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We will be in Portugal soon! Great you are doing it by 🚲! We love cycling! Any must dos/sees in 🇵🇹?
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کسی میتونه ساپورتم‌کنه بیاد دایرکتم

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