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After visiting a lot of fancy and beautiful places in Colombia, I was eager to get away from pretty villages like Cartagena to experience another side of Colombia. Barranquilla, the hometown of Shakira, was the perfect place for that. So I attended the world's second biggest Carnival - with a lot of beautiful people, colors and music everywhere. In contrast to the high energy fiesta I enjoyed the calm streets the days after the carnival, too (Picture). Unfortunately, I also experienced a different side of Colombia: violence, robbery and an up close experience in a mass panic that I'll never forget (swipe to see the video). The Swiss embassy recommended to avoid big crowds and now I know why. I had a great time in Baranquilla, but the rare moments that could have gone wrong made me think... . . . #baq #natgeo #barranquillacity #barranquillalalabella #portraitpage #portrait_mf #idcolombia #colombiatravellers #colombiagram #thebestofcolombia #colombia_folklore #colombia_greatshots #ig_colombia #colombiaismagicalrealism @colombia.travel #gearednomad #sonyalphasclub

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3 months ago
Luckily we had a fancy hotelroom😂
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3 months ago
Should have listened to the swiss embassy then too 😅 I had the unpleasant experience of a mass panic attack at the carneval of Rio 🙈
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3 months ago
Woow! What was happen in the video? Why are they jumping tha fance??
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3 months ago
A crowd like that in panic is too risky. Lucky that you could escape harmless. And very brave of you to stay and film!!
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3 months ago
What happened? Why were people panicking?
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3 months ago
Voll krasser Gegensatz... Enyoy your trip ! Gruss Markus (Freund deines Vaters)
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3 months ago
بسيار زيبا
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
Well I’m kewl I dismissed that bitch
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
İçerisi Şampiyonlar ligi (dön) 1
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3 months ago
چقد خوشگلی