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Audrina Patridge has begun a new romance. The Hills: New Beginnings star is casually dating actor Josh Henderson, PEOPLE has confirmed. “It’s not serious right now,” a source tells PEOPLE. “But they have known each other for years.” What do you think? 👀

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4 weeks ago
🙌🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍😍😍🙌🙌😍❤️ @audrinapatridge DEFINITELY a better choice than justinbobby
joy.3310 avatar
4 weeks ago
So happy for you!
iron_stone0890 avatar
4 weeks ago
Looks high high lol
vegas_raider7777 avatar
4 weeks ago
She just can NOT function without a man. Sad.
lizzielonglegs666 avatar
4 weeks ago
He is 37 years old looks younger in this he is hot x
lizmatthewman avatar
4 weeks ago
Good luck he's hot..
positivevibesonlyherex avatar
4 weeks ago
Why those red eyes?😂
bklynjvb avatar
4 weeks ago
Great together
mangrum7013 avatar
4 weeks ago
❤️👍Sooo cute 😁
asjmom avatar
3 weeks ago
Oh!!! Cute match!
queentrish13 avatar
3 weeks ago
It only matters if they are kind and respectful of each other
korene_king avatar
3 weeks ago
Soooo very happy for u girl. Show Justin Bobby what your made of ❤️👑🔥
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3 weeks ago
leeroaf avatar
3 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
countrymama_1314 avatar
3 weeks ago
Damn. Looks good for 37?
jeslyn4167 avatar
3 weeks ago
He's hot asf 😍💯🔥
whosthatgirl_susan avatar
3 weeks ago
Girl he is gorgeous.. you go girl. You have so much love to give that no one understands. Hopefully this is it
kevjuls711 avatar
3 weeks ago
Just Friends 🙌
savaj131313 avatar
3 weeks ago
When is the next season?!
spuhdawg avatar
3 weeks ago
He looks high as a kite.
lavidaesmagica__ avatar
3 weeks ago
Im@wondering why Hollywood chicks always date famous guys.. why not a operaio o pizzaiolo o imbianchino?😒
rororo8999 avatar
2 weeks ago
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3 days ago
She love Ashlee Simpson's ex boyfriends