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Can't wait to unwrap the Galaxy Note 10 Plus? Yeah, neither could we. Let's take this thing out of the box. ⁠ ⁠ The Note 10 Plus is more sophisticated and arguably more beautiful than the Galaxy Note 9. Not only because of its rainbow color, but its cameras are better situated. The Note 10 is also easy to hold despite its larger screen.⁠ ⁠ One of the challenges of the Note 10 is getting used to the power/lock button which is now on the left side -- something that can be learned but still a bit difficult for all my right-handed people out there.⁠ ⁠ When it comes to packaging, Samsung hasn’t disappointed. The Note 10 comes equipped with a SIM card ejector tool, a USB-C cable, AKG headphones with ear tips, a rounder charger, and a tool to change the tip of your S pen.⁠ ⁠ #Galalxy #GalaxyNote10Plus #Samsung #Phone #Device #Gadget #Tech #Review #Unboxing

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techenutia avatar
6 months ago
Galaxy Note 10 looks great ... Overall the device shines and adds another feather to the note series but the only one thing I didn't love is the lunch hole
krutttttt avatar
6 months ago
officially rip headphone jack😭🙏
redseasplitter avatar
6 months ago
@unboxtherapy this is how you unbox
therealmartianspygirl avatar
6 months ago
God forbid should a right handed person have to adjust to ANYTHING. 🖕 #leftiesunite.
vladimirovich.vip avatar
6 months ago
How much?
haidermshah avatar
6 months ago
Still wired headphones
rizki_subakti avatar
6 months ago
Looks like Xperia by sony 😁😁😁😁
godingal avatar
6 months ago
Like others mentioned, they include wired ear buds with no where to plug them in. #doh
josecolon2014 avatar
6 months ago
Can l have one
heinrich_walker avatar
6 months ago
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dopeboy_carter_0614 avatar
6 months ago
Can I have one
valiev_v_b avatar
6 months ago
Телефон стоит под 100т комплект самый что есть дешовый
alwayzsunshyne avatar
6 months ago
@ladycoco44 since your team Samsung☺️
thomas294 avatar
6 months ago
Does it come with a phone case? I read some reports that some do?
krazycricutkid avatar
6 months ago
I saw the video Love it I want one!!!😍
jamyahbeats avatar
6 months ago
That's what you call a phone 😮🙌
maikonzambom avatar
6 months ago
thesaltykernel avatar
6 months ago
I've held this thing already. It's better than whatever you have regardless of what you have. Im an lg fan boi but this this makes me question that
redmi.k20pro avatar
6 months ago
I’ll find a phone at a crazy price, any phone you want to order, write to me derekt
brbllykrlly avatar
5 months ago
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ceci_ceciliaah avatar
5 months ago
Oh my god I would do everything for this phone I have a Galaxy j7 Prime that I bought a long time ago and dream to have a note 😍
kimhizkia avatar
5 months ago
Aura Glow 🔥 , anyway I prefer Aura White looks classic 😊

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