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Exploring is fun and all til it hits you in the feels. This was a place is used to go to every Xmas eve with family. This was the church that both my parents attended. It was a sad day in our community when we heard that this parish was closing, but even more sad to see it in this state. The windows gone, the stations of the cross gone, the altar and tabernacle gone. At least the history lives. ⛪️

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2 weeks ago
Thats so sad. Imagine this place in a few years if no one buys it...
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2 weeks ago
A gem. Where is it?
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2 weeks ago
Well at least they took the windows!!! I hate seeing them go to shit.
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2 weeks ago
Damn. I grew up across the street from it. Was an alter boy there. Figured it'd be around forever.
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2 weeks ago
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1 week ago
Young Yada.
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6 days ago
کا نآ ل هیو

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