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#FordVFerrari Movie Review (4.5/5): I’m generally a bit skeptical with these #Oscar bait films that draw inspiration from true-to-life stories. So many of them settle with regurgitating tidbits of landmark points from their stories, and so many of them generalize and overdramatize the facts. “Ford V Ferrari” is undoubtedly one of the standouts in its genre. Led by #ChristianBale and #MattDamon, the elements are in full force. The chemistry between the two, playing #KenMiles and #CarrollShelby respectively, is unquestionably unbreakable. This tale of friendship is carefully thought out to fully express the power that personalities have on one another. It’s ironic that Bale landed a part that mirrors his own rough riding and ballsy attitude. It isn’t so much the first half of this two and half hour motorsport film that will keep it in the minds of award voters, but the incredibly well-crafted racing sequences that thrust it past the finish line. Director, #JamesMangold not only gives the 24 hour race at #LesMans an intensity unlike any sports film conclusion I’ve ever seen; he gives it meaning. There’s a true sense of character in the fast-paced camera shots and emotion-filled performances that showcase the mental aspect that racing fans associate with the sport. It’s this balance between action and authenticity from its cast that make this not only a powerful film for racing fans, but those who simply enjoy great storytelling. I can’t promise that “Ford V Ferrari” will go home with the gold when the #AcademyAwards roll around, but it will go down as one the greatest racing films of all time. It will be applauded by its core audience for years to come. #Film #Movie #MovieReview #MovieReviews #Nascar #Ford #Ferrari #Race #Racing #Motorsports #Bale #Damon #FinishLine #Drama #MovieNews #InstaFollow #WMKMovieReviews

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