Rachel Bertsch 2 weeks ago @meandertheworld


From a trip last spring, where we paddled just after sunrise and hopped from one empty beach to another, enjoying afternoon swims in glacial waters. No idea what this spring will hold for us, but hopeful there'll be days like this. Until that point, I have plenty of time to be nostalgic.

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2 weeks ago
That sounds awesome!
sundayafternoons_hats avatar
2 weeks ago
🌿🌼✌️ Happy first day of Spring!
carlyahmoye avatar
2 weeks ago
Beautiful view! ❀️ I’m a mom blogger looking to support and connect with others who do the same! πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ
richardsonofkenneth avatar
2 weeks ago
Wicked photo and I am digging the setup
ali4501793 avatar
1 week ago

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