lauren • she/her 5 months ago @crowleystcrdis


[ hollywoodland ] hi i miss lyatt can they come back to me pls?? fuck nbc for cancelling us TWICE also this post is to make up for my first one today being a repost :) - qotp; have you watched timeless? aotp; yes duh - #nbctimeless #timelessedit #lyatt #lucypreston #wyattlogan #rufuscarlin #abigailspencer #mattlanter #malcolmbarrett

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holyyetfallen avatar
5 months ago
FUCK i miss them so much
holyyetfallen avatar
5 months ago
i want them bACK
omychuck2 avatar
5 months ago
No but it will go on my shows list
ameliapcnds avatar
5 months ago
nope whoops,, i’ll add it to my to-watch list!
ssaprettyboy avatar
4 months ago
lmao caught in the act hsjhdjs + it's on my recommendations!

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