Rachel Bertsch 4 days ago @meandertheworld


I can't count the number of times I have driven through the Rockies. Even now after years of seeing the same places while I lead tours, I still enjoy all the sights. You know the places, they end up in everyone's feed eventually. As peaceful and serene as they look, they are absurdly crowded at certain times. After being spoiled with solitude in the backcountry, the crowds that linger in every picturesque lake or valley can be overwhelming. So whenever I go to the Rockies on my own, I always seek something different. It's why we cycled the Rockies a few years ago, allowing us to slowly travel and appreciate different scenes that we would normally speed by in a vehicle. We found sections of the parks to be alone in, and reminded ourselves how vast and great these places are. This year we decided to explore a bit of Kannanaskis. Our plans were for grand backpacking trips, but the snowstorms of May and infants don't go together, at least not for us yet. We ended up finding the perfect balance for our first family trip in those iconic mountains. A place that truly felt away from it all. A little cabin with views that looked out onto willow covered valleys and jagged snow covered peaks. A cozy patio to watch the million stars shine brightly after we stayed up far too late giggling like kids. I don't really mention lodges on this feed often despite the fact I usually spend a good chunk of the year on the road sleeping in various accommodations, but this one was special. Not sponsored, but a quick thanks @mountengadine for making us feel like family and giving us the best home away from home we've found in the Rockies.

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