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If I’m being honest, Kylo Ren is one of my favorite characters in all of Star Wars ~Kenobi • • • • Tags • • • • #starwars #memes #starwarsmemes #obiwan #kenobi #anakin #yoda #jedi #sith #prequels #sequels #sheev #generalgrievous #theclonewars #mandalorian #thegalacticsenate #prequelmemes

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carlos__vls avatar
1 month ago
How Darth Vader is not your fav sith
the.galactic.senate avatar
1 month ago
Ok maybe I need to make a top 10 Star Wars characters post
hectorjacquod avatar
1 month ago
You’re not a clown, you’re the entire circus
giolpo_giovvanna avatar
1 month ago
Hello there
lewis_loizou_ avatar
1 month ago
He is by far the best sequel character
randy_hunter_foster avatar
1 month ago
Best sequel character in my opinion but I love Finn and poe
acetloc avatar
1 month ago
I think Kylo is a drama queen and instead of being morally conflicted like he’s meant to be, he’s just a wishy washy villain But it’s okay for us to have different opinions bc how boring would Star Wars be if we all thought the same things?
weaponized_battle_toaster_ avatar
1 month ago
I too enjoy shallow characters that exist only because the makers cant move plot foward otherwise
zackent913 avatar
1 month ago
Ok I know I’m gonna get a lot of disagreements but in my opinion, Kylo Ren is probably if THE WORST Sith Lord in all of Star Wars. In force awakens he got his ass kicked by an ex stormtrooper who used a lightsaber once and then lost to a girl who never used a lightsaber. And on top of all that he’s the biggest baby in the galaxy.
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1 month ago
davidw.nn avatar
1 month ago
Kylo Ren is a good character with a great actor stuck with some shit scripts
timelordsurge avatar
1 month ago
Kill it if you have to
wookieescookies avatar
1 month ago
Kit fisto is god
m_warner04 avatar
1 month ago
@the.galactic.senate honestly me too, I like him a lot. My phone case has Kylo Ren on it 😂
rickybobby1023_flavor_town avatar
1 month ago
I miss this meme
the_last_armegulan avatar
1 month ago