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If someone offered you a pair of bionic pants... would you wear them? Thanks to researchers at the Wyss Institute, you might be able to someday. The group has been working on creating a soft clothing-like "exosuit" that can help augment soldiers, the elderly or patients in rehabilitation with movement.⁠ ⁠ The soft part is key here -- because these exosuits don't contain any hard structures, they are far more flexible than most exoskeleton technology. The idea is that these smaller, more comfortable suits can exert small amounts of assistance to help assist in walking, running or lifting -- though the wearer is still using their own muscles for the brunt of the work. ⁠ ⁠ So far, tests have shown that the suit can help increase endurance -- allowing users to use less energy while walking or running without the suit. Creators hope that the technology will help in rehabilitation of patients suffering from stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease, as well as serve as assistance for soldiers and first responders. ⁠ ⁠ So, we ask again -- would you wear bionic pants?⁠ ⁠ #bionicpants #exosuit #exoskeleton #cyborgs

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bizikemike avatar
6 months ago
I would. I’m still receiving rehabilitation for my neurological insult.
bass_vapespdx1 avatar
6 months ago
With how bad my knees are, I would be all over those!
samnan_shahid avatar
6 months ago
Why not giving it a try
checho_dallas avatar
6 months ago
add some barefoot shoes and he will be faster.
kennethy58 avatar
6 months ago
How much $?
mteleman avatar
6 months ago
hancholow avatar
6 months ago
I’ll take bionic pants if I can sleep walk to work.
jedimasterjrod avatar
6 months ago
1marjohn1 avatar
6 months ago
We all know this is more for military purposes than it is for our health lol
rchids avatar
6 months ago
techenutia avatar
6 months ago
This is the right use of technology... Great work bye the way can it enhance the speed of a racer?
erkaner____ avatar
6 months ago
gwolfman65 avatar
6 months ago
Hell yeah I would...
louistanutan avatar
6 months ago
As long as it's comfortable in the crotch area. 😂
darwin.moore avatar
6 months ago
Let's see if they are used for rehabilitation purposes and not military purposes 🤔
rickiewklee avatar
6 months ago
This will be such a big step, i would surely give it a try
quacky_kwulala avatar
6 months ago
Anyone ever played Advanced Warfare ?
grandymartin avatar
6 months ago
Sure I'd consider trying them depending on the terms and conditions.
brandongaskin13 avatar
6 months ago
archippe_mnz avatar
6 months ago
8163_aleksei avatar
6 months ago
Мне нужны такие шорты!
1334ami avatar
6 months ago
All depends on the cost 😂

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