TRAVEL IN HER SHOES 1 week ago @aggie


In anticipation of a huge announcement tomorrow and my first @tedx_official *TEDx Talk* later this week @tedx.asfm — I reflected back on why I started traveling and started TRAVEL IN HER SHOES in the first place. ::::: I was never a guidebook-in-hand kinda gal and while I love nature — my biggest love were always people. Always. :::: I always wondered what my life would look like if one day I left everything behind and started a new life in the new country. What it’s like to be in local’s shoes. I am thankful for everyone who I met on my journey so far and who has lovingly shared their culture with me and embraced me as one of their own, including these local ladies in Sri Lanka. ::::: Putting yourself in other people’s shoes is truly one of the most humbling experiences I got to live through and I will continue to encourage others to do the same. How? You’ll see sooooon 😉😋 ::::: Photo @moretti #srilanka #tea #travelinhershoes #bestmemories

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