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In early December, I spent three days with @inspiredbyIceland. As their name suggests, It turned out to be a perfect opportunity to explore the different ways the landscape has been inspiring me lately, and the perfect way to move into the new year. The first image in this post takes a variety of fantastic Icelandic locations and turns them into a single fantasy image. The second looks at the waterfall Skogafoss as an opportunity to exaggerate and explore the relationship between the flow of water to the flow of people visiting such a stunning and well known landmark. The first is something I had fun escaping into with the imagination, inspired after the fact, and made possible by the serendipity of images on my memory cards. The second is a concept that I’ve enjoyed thinking about, something that I felt inspired and excited to create even before visiting. Both landscapes, both inspired by Iceland, both fun to make, but very different results because of the thoughts behind them. #paidpromotion with @inspiredbyiceland

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deniztektunali avatar
2 weeks ago
jelafaille avatar
2 weeks ago
I’m dying to visit Iceland!
keungwaii avatar
2 weeks ago
What an incredible shot 👍
sapnareddy avatar
2 weeks ago
That second image is simply brilliant.
ploufette_74 avatar
2 weeks ago
katiaignatova971 avatar
2 weeks ago
your profile is one of the best on IG
comahdab2436 avatar
2 weeks ago
힝힝 대박 ㅜㅜ 멋잇다 하하 감탄스럽다 끝장남
calibreus avatar
2 weeks ago
Awe man that first image is crazy. Unreal work as always Ben!
corinne.glaziou avatar
1 week ago
Incredible, so beautiful
danny_mullen12 avatar
1 week ago
@harvest_of_light this guys photography is awesome
nicolemachtbilder avatar
1 week ago
Incredible pictures...wow
passionandglow_nature avatar
1 week ago
incredible work, it's very inspiring. You're a really talented photographer! If you get time, would love for you to see what you think of our work. Cheers! 😊
amy_yuang avatar
1 week ago
bron.wolff avatar
1 week ago
❤️Awesome image
dominiclars avatar
1 week ago
17pineneedles avatar
1 week ago
Every single shot is unreal
erikyoung_photography avatar
1 week ago
Your work is such an inspiration. Thank you SIR
bilal_photography avatar
6 days ago
The second image in the gallery has blown my mind!
amit.ajwani avatar
3 days ago
@gregl_photography the pano 😍
chrisdavis_photography avatar
3 days ago
That Pano is amazing !! So original 👌
thephotographicangle avatar
3 days ago
What a stunning and unique perspective, congratulations.
djaisondok avatar
2 days ago
noah.richey avatar
1 day ago
So dope!

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