Pearl S 3 weeks ago @that_coffeegirl


It's a flat white day for someone somewhere.☕ . Where: @bluetokaicoffee on MG Road Gurgaon, opposite Bristol hotel. What's good? The cafe is perfect. I am partial to Nitro Cold Brew from Blue Tokai so the Flat White was ordered by my friend. What we did split was something unheard of - Blueberry Cheesecake Croissant. Yes! Such a thing does exist and if you happen to be in Blue Tokai, must must order! Crispy, flaky, buttery and creamy, I was in a foodcoma. But enough about the food and coffee, let me talk about the cafe. I am always searching for the right place to work, read, and let's just say this particular cafe checks all the boxes. ✅ Quiet ✅ Comfortable ✅ Perfect height of table and chair (cannot stress the importance of this) The only negative point I that could find with the place was that it's right next to a fish market. Literally. So if you happen to be a staunch vegetarian who cannot bear the even the slightest smell of fish, the walk from the cab to cafe would be a tough one. No smell inside the cafe though, you are absolutely safe there. Anyway, that's my two cents and how I spent my Saturday. What about you guys? Do something interesting? Read any good books lately? LMK 😁 #thatcoffeegirl