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July 10th Birthday Alert: Born on July 10th #10highsandlows (Wheel of Fortune/Mercury) means like being on a roller coaster ride you experience many emotional highs and lows or really good times alternating with really difficult times. Like a roller coaster ride you experience many steep climbs and falls. Riding at high speed is both exciting and terrifying mirroring the way you live. In addition the ten is magnified by the zero, which also guards you and keeps you safe. The second primary number you inherited from your birthday is calculated by adding the month and day of your birthday (7+10 =17). #17star (Star/Aquarius) Seventeen means a person who lights up the space around them with z sparkling aura, who demonstrates a talent that entertains others, and who sets goals high in order to reach for the stars. Seventeen #17star symbolizes attaining stardom, possessing stars in your eyes, and wishing on a star to attain fame and fortune. The combination of the 10 and 17 creates a person who is always helping and assisting others. However, the remaining four primary numbers in your DNA Profile could boost or diminish these personality attributes. The fourth primary number is formulated by adding the month, day, and year that you were born. The other three primary numbers are found in your name as the letters transpose into numbers. You can view samples of Individual and Compatibility DNA Profiles Free by going to the App Store: Numerological DNA Profiles App #numerology #numerologists #karma #astrology #astrologists #tarot #cancer #july10 #perrieedwards #sofiavergara #jessicasimpson #antoniobrown #carlonjeffrey #jamesrolfe #trentrichardson #garylevox #adriangrenier #mariogomez #gabrielarenas #hectordavidjr #maiziesmith #angelhaze #urbanmeyer #phyllissmith NEW: Astro-Tarot-Numerology-Wheel: http://www.dnaprofilesapp.com/astro-tarot-numerology-wheel

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