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July 11th Birthday Alert: Born on July 11th Eleven #11spotlight (Justice/Libra) symbolizes high intelligence, possible recognition, and fame, high energy, lively, and ambitious potential. Running around in circles can sometimes cause this person to wait until the 11th hour to execute their plans. Eleven is a master number (double ones) that vibrates at a higher level than numbers with 2 different digits creating master abilities. The second primary number you inherited from your birthday is calculated by adding the month and day of your birthday (7+11=18) #18rosecoloredglasses (Moon/Cancer). Eighteen means a person who is a dreamer seeing the world or past events as only pleasant and happy. This person views events and people as being better than they really are with optimism, hopefulness, and elation. Eighteen is a spiritual number in Judaism meaning life, and representing good luck. The combination of the 11 and 18 creates a person, who likes to multi-task, and could have more than one job. However, the remaining four primary numbers in your DNA Profile could boost or diminish these personality attributes. The fourth primary number is formulated by adding the month, day, and year that you were born. The other three primary numbers are found in your name as the letters transpose into numbers. You can view samples of Individual and Compatibility DNA Profiles Free by going to the App Store: Numerological DNA Profiles App #numerology #numerologists #karma #astrology #astrologists #tarot #cancer #july10 #perrieedwards #sofiavergara #jessicasimpson #antoniobrown #carlonjeffrey #jamesrolfe #trentrichardson #garylevox #adriangrenier #mariogomez #gabrielarenas #hectordavidjr #maiziesmith #angelhaze #urbanmeyer #phyllissmith NEW: Astro-Tarot-Numerology-Wheel: http://www.dnaprofilesapp.com/astro-tarot-numerology-wheel

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