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3 weeks ago
Good night, as a Michael Jackson Fan Club, I found this image disrespectful, because it denigrates the image of Michael Jackson, as you would say that he is many things, except an innocent, caring and charitable person, and especially very sweet.
eugeniafuenttes avatar
3 weeks ago
Maldito fracasado 🖕🖕
butterflyjcks avatar
3 weeks ago
Motherfucker crazy bitch delete this shit, I will make report
jackson._.mercury avatar
3 weeks ago
Go fucking die
good_child231 avatar
3 weeks ago
Why would you do this? What are you gonna get out of this?!
factsdontliewadedoes avatar
3 weeks ago
voguecultvre avatar
3 weeks ago
Didn’t you know that it isn’t 2010 anymore? The memes have already changed. Stop posting this dry ass stuff.
ellieodonnellox avatar
3 weeks ago
@smoothistory hah I’ll say what I want when I want and your a fan account so that’s childish enough so how about your rethink that sentence and go back to your little mj cult freak
x_1358 avatar
1 week ago
your fantasies can never proved any of the accusations but it proves that you are immature and idiot, memes can never proved that he was guilty, evidence is😊😊
michael.jackson.daily avatar
1 week ago
This is just SICK. I can’t believe you are still talking about Michael even in death. He can’t rest can he?! He. Was. Proven. Innocent. DOES THAT NOT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU???
naiya_shamone101_ avatar
1 week ago
It’s one thing to think of mj like this and but it’s another thing to harass a dead man on social media. Yeah you don’t care if he’s dead but maybe I am the only who finds anyone hating on a dead person disrespectful. DO NOT @MEE
fall.again.xscape avatar
1 week ago
Smh 👏🙌 You are officially a idiot.