1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS 2 weeks ago @gc.eight


Listing out full build list down to each nut and bolt. Maybe it'll help you with your build or avoid your build all together. I'm absolutely sure I've missed a few things. The research was probably one of the harder parts of doing this swap and the misinformation everywhere doesn't help either. There are probably a few things I didn't need to buy (particularly when I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay 5 speed or go 6 speed). Regardless I hope this compiled list helps someone out there.

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thenailsalon055 avatar
2 weeks ago
Damn , your list is way bigger than mine
domgc4 avatar
2 weeks ago
I feel attacked for barely keeping track of what's in my car anymore
rsdmegan avatar
2 weeks ago
Too long, didn't read

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