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#MelissaGorga says “there’s a lot of friendship drama” in Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and explains how she learned to “put my foot down” with #TeresaGiudice. Details at iRealHousewives.com or check out our Insta Stories for direct link! #RHONJ #iRealHousewives

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_masterchef_cantley_rulez avatar
1 month ago
God she is so annoying. Teresa ain’t even worried about you girl, get a storyline for once 🙄
iam_manuel_m avatar
1 month ago
Teresa‘s forehead is half the size of Melissa‘s 😂😂😂
skaesser avatar
1 month ago
Melissa you do not need to put up with her she is so mean to you I would say see you.👍🏼 She is a peace of 💩
karistratton avatar
1 month ago
Still can't get over the hairline on Teresa....
miss.blissfull avatar
1 month ago
Teresa will always have underlying hatred for Melissa. Melissa is several levels above Teresa and she knows it.
kilo_mike_bravo avatar
1 month ago
Ugh. But we’re bored with Teresa and her hideous, yet fixable hairline, storyline. 🙄
jclangerholc avatar
1 month ago
natashalucas8935 avatar
1 month ago
Teresa looking more & more like a dude🤔🤷‍♀️😂
glownerry avatar
1 month ago
Such trashy behavior. Adult women fighting like ghetto middle schoolers. Keep it classy ladies!! 🙄
ivetitas818 avatar
1 month ago
Oh #MelissaGorga ! Pick your foot back up, girl! You ain't shit without TERESA!

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