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OPEN DISCUSSION • Let’s talk about Barbara Leigh. Elvis’ on and off again girlfriend from 1970-1972. He didn’t see her as much as he saw Joyce Bova, but he saw her more regularly than others. They met in Las Vegas in August of 1970 & their affair started soon after meeting. This continued on until about 1972 on and off. What do you think of their relationship? I suggest reading her book before voicing your opinions. For me personally, I think he enjoyed her company but it was more of a ego boost than anything else. He basically stole her from Jim Aubrey within five seconds after meeting her. 👀 I’m glad they had fun together though! He deserved some happiness! And a little boost to the ego along the way. Let’s discuss it below. #elvis #elvispresley #elvisaaronpresley #barbaraleigh #1970s #lasvegas

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leahsopapilla_ avatar
1 month ago
Also, she knew her place in his life. She didn’t expect him to change for her or make her his number one girl! That’s why I like her so much. She was a realist. She didn’t have her head lost in lala land over him 👏🏻
je.annette818 avatar
1 month ago
It still shock me how many girls there were !!
presleynation avatar
1 month ago
What is the name of her book?
sdadgummit avatar
1 month ago
Why would he ever need an ego boost..there were woman at his disposal any second.
presleyxelvis avatar
1 month ago
She kinda annoyed me a bit and it seemed to me that she thinks rlly highly of herself. Also, she liked the image of Elvis I think, not the person.
jo_zio avatar
1 month ago
I think she was into her own head trip. I mean she had the time to trot around the world with Aubrey, McQueen and Elvis but only her son a few weeks every few months? 🤔 and I think her last husband was arrested in a Ponzi scheme. I think she was around Elvis to fill voided time. She was beautiful but had a horrible childhood. I just hope in the end she finally found true happiness.
emmaa_1980 avatar
1 month ago
I always wonder what made him unable to stick to one woman. Was it just because he had access to so many ladies or could he just really not form a meaningful attachment without being unfaithful? Maybe a proper lasting love, with someone who could have stood up to him might have saved him. (I’m thinking June and Johnny Cash re. addiction). But who knows!!
lanikai_luv avatar
1 month ago
She doesn't seem like a big romance for him. I think he was more invested in other girlfriends of that era And a later era Joyce Sheila etc...she seems more like Steve McQueens type then Elvis. Sometimes you date someone you get along but it's still not meant to be and that seems like the case here. Also she does seem like a girlfriend of high powered men and enjoyed the perks.