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Part one (1965) • “In March 1965, the Colonel convinced Elvis that Joe Esposito should come back into the camp. Parker had never liked Marty Lacker, who refused to kowtow to him and share secrets of the internal workings of the group, and the Colonel was determined to find a way to exercise more control over his loose canon of a client. Citing Joe’s excellent organization skills, Parker encouraged Elvis to mend fences with him. For a time, then, Joe and Marty became co-foremen of the Memphis Mafia. But Marty’s time was written on the wall, for Joe was also a favorite of Priscilla, going back to their shared time in Germany. With his return, she began playing a bigger role in Elvis’s life. “I am a child-woman,” Priscilla said in 1991. “When people meet me, they don’t know what to say to me. They really don’t know how to approach me. I’m always trying to find that place to fit in. I am a misfit.” But as one of her business associates knows, “Priscilla has a remarkable interior gyroscope which keeps her on course. She’s uncanny.” In 1965, her interior gyroscope was already at work, and the “child-woman” began working hard to drop the prefix on her self-image. Lamar saw that while Elvis controlled the guys, starting in 1965, Priscilla started lording it over the wives. She expected them to cater to her, Billy thought, and took advantage of her position, borrowing the wives’ clothes and not returning them, and asking to use their credit cards. As she asserted herself, the group began to splinter into separate camps—Jerry Schilling gravitated to Joe and Priscilla—and a caste system took hold among the couples, Joe and his wife, Joanie, leading the pack behind Elvis and Priscilla. Marty thought Priscilla paid attention only to Jerry and Joe, and that Joanie became her shadow.” •Excerpt from Baby let’s play house by Alanna Nash #elvis #elvispresley #elvisandpriscilla #memphismafia

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