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Part one (1966) “Early in 1966 Elvis changed California houses again, moving to 10550 Rocca Place in Bel Air. As with the Bellagio Road house, his landlord was Mrs. Reginald Owen, the wife of the esteemed British character actor. The modern ranch-style home allowed more privacy for Elvis and Priscilla, though Marty and Charlie, who was no longer working with Jimmy Wakely, would live there, along with Jerry Schilling and his fiancée, Sandy Kawelo. By now, a number of the guys, including Joe, Red, and Alan, had their own residences in Los Angeles. Even with the new house, Elvis now wanted to spend his weekends in Palm Springs or Las Vegas, primarily for bacchanals. He didn’t seem to care what toll his extremes might take on his relationship with Priscilla, who was often left at home. “He was way too out of control,” says Joe, “whether he was making movies or later, being on the road and touring. The most important things to him were one, his onstage singing, which he loved more than anything in the world, and two, women. He just loved to be around women.” One time, Joe remembers, they went to Las Vegas to hang out for a few days, and ended up staying six weeks. “Every night we were out chasing showgirls, partying with them all night, going to all the different lounges, seeing all these great acts, and finally going to sleep in the morning. Then we’d wake up in the afternoon and start all over again.” •Excerpt from Baby let’s play house by Alanna Nash #elvis #elvispresley #elvisandpriscilla #memphismafia

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