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Part one (December 1976) • “That night, Elvis invited me back to Graceland. I found him seated on his bed. When I entered the room, he made a surprising announcement. “Linda Thompson called and asked if I was going to spend Christmas with her,” he said. “Do you want to spend Christmas with me?” “Yes!” I answered without hesitation. He smiled at me. “Good.” I felt suddenly uncertain. Why was Linda still calling him? I’d thought his relationship with her was over. I was happy that Elvis was inviting me to spend Christmas with him, of course, but what would he have done if, for some reason, I’d been unable to? Would he have spent it with Linda? I’d just ended things with Larry and made a commitment to see how things progressed with Elvis. Why had he even told me about Linda’s call? Did he want me to be jealous? Elvis seemed to be tracking my thoughts, which I suppose must have shown on my face, because he pointed to the pictures of Linda. “Why don’t you take those down?” he instructed. Doing this would sure make me feel better. As I began gathering the photos, Elvis went on. “Linda placed those there a while ago, when I was away,” he said and asked me to put the photographs in his office bathroom. Elvis took my hands in his. “You know, I never could picture myself married to Linda,” he said. “She kept asking me, but I always thought that it was the man’s place to ask.” He added that Linda had been pursuing a career in California, saying, “Poor Linda. She’s gone Hollywood.” •excerpts from Elvis & Ginger by Ginger Alden #elvis #elvispresley #gingeralden #lindathompson

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