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Part three (January 1977) • “Elvis kept his eyes on my face. “I bought Linda a house not long ago to put some distance between us,” he said. Had Linda lived at Graceland full-time until then? I wondered, but I didn’t ask. I was too busy trying to absorb this new twist. Elvis then looked at Rosemary. “How can I get her to stop calling?” he asked. Rosemary shrugged. “Change your number, maybe?” He grinned, but I was unable to smile. I continued to ponder all of this and what it meant for Elvis and me. When Elvis had told me in Las Vegas that he and Linda were just friends, I had believed him. After all, he’d been publicly dating other women, and that seemed to say his relationship with Linda must be over. However, I was sure the articles of clothing and toiletries inside Graceland had been Linda’s. Plus, she had called before, asking to spend Christmas with him. It seemed that Linda was trying to hang on, no matter what Elvis did. Now I took comfort in the fact that, even though Elvis had been helping Linda out by paying her rent, he’d just said in front of Rosemary and Joe that he wouldn’t do it anymore, and he certainly wasn’t trying to hide the fact that Linda had called. I chose to trust that Elvis was being honest with me about the relationship being completely over for him. Unfortunately, I would still feel uncomfortable every time I saw Sam, Elvis’s bodyguard and Linda’s brother. Sam and I were friendly with one another, but I couldn’t help wondering how he truly felt toward Elvis—and toward me.” •excerpts from Elvis & Ginger by Ginger Alden #elvis #elvispresley #gingeralden #lindathompson

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1 month ago
Something about Ginger rubs me the wrong way.
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1 month ago
Ginger was very young, and I believe her that she loved him, who wouldn’t at that age. But she has done nothing but tell lies. Was Elvis going to marry her? No way. She was a trophy on his arm, just like all the others. One of his very last performances he introduced her as his, “girlfriend “ not fiancé. And according to Ginger they were already engaged at that time. I don’t care for her one bit. When her mother tried to sue Elvis’s estate for paying off her mortgage, that was the last straw. He was dead. They were gold digger’s.
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1 month ago
Loving your content. Never fail to exceed expectations. 👍👍
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1 month ago
Linda Thompson states , she left Elvis , because, she wanted a life and couldn’t live that lifestyle anymore... why is she calling him then ? I don’t know what to believe 🤷‍♀️Thank you for you’re wonderful posts.💖
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1 month ago
Ginger is so pretty. Such a shame he didn't live longer and had kids with her
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1 month ago
I like Ginger, and I don't buy Linda's story "we were soulmates with Elvis and I left Elvis". No Linda, thank you! Nice excerpts! 👍
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1 month ago
Gotta say, wouldn’t be surprised if Elvis just “left the building”, and didn’t truly die based on what I’ve researched to escape all of this mess...🙄
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1 month ago
Really sick of all this women from Pricilla right down with their stories about how they were Elvis true love , when none of them lasted forever till death , and he ain’t here to testify if any of them was his true love
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1 month ago
No I think he is still alive and not wanting any of this anymore
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1 month ago
i LOVE your account. wow. 🔥👏
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1 month ago