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Part two (1966) • “We did this for such a long period of time that Elvis started getting nosebleeds. The doctor said, ‘You’re just not resting enough. Your body is telling you to slow down.’ So we rested for a couple days and started over again. Twice, we left Vegas and we were a hundred miles out, and he said, ‘What are we going home for? There ain’t nothing to go back to L.A. for. Shit, turn around and go right back.’ That’s just the way he was. He was very compulsive about that.” In Palm Springs, the guys found their female companions by trolling the streets, using Elvis as bait, and always coming back to the house with carloads of women. “We talked, smoked grass, drank, went for late swims, and even had orgies,” Joe wrote in his memoir. One night, everyone was out at the pool. Charlie, Red, Sonny, and Joe were splashing around with several girls they’d met earlier that night, and Elvis laid on the lounge chair with one of his guests. After awhile, they quietly slipped off to his room.” •Excerpt from Baby let’s play house by Alanna Nash #elvis #elvispresley #elvisandpriscilla #memphismafia

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