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Part two (August 1956) • “A few hours in the sun, away from all the madness, had done wonders for me. I wished Elvis could have been relaxing in the sun with me, but thanks to Colonel Parker his heavy schedule wouldn't allow him a day off. I was exhausted just thinking about three shows a day for the next two days. Pat and I were in our hotel room washing out our underwear when Buddy came by with a local newspaper. "It looks like we're gonna have trouble in Jacksonville," Buddy told us. "It says here that a Judge Gooding, a Juvenile Court judge, said that he felt Elvis's bumps and grinds were objectionable for the teenage audience, and he ordered Elvis to tone down his act. Warrants were made out in advance for Elvis's arrest. The police were there to watch for any little wiggle, and vowed to arrest him if he made one wrong move. They were even filming the show for proof. After reading the article, I thought I could guess what kind of mood Elvis would be in after the show, but I was wrong. He burst in the room, grinning from ear to ear, feeling like he'd won the battle of his career "Baby, you should've been there this afternoon. Every time DJ did his thing on the drums, I wiggled my finger, and the girls went wild," he said, demonstrating the rapid movement of his right index finger. "Personally, I find your finger movement far more stimulating than a knee-jerk," I said, laughing. My remark confused him first, but then he laughed. "I love you, June Juanico." "I love you too, Elvis Presley." "I've never heard screams like that in my life, June, no kidding. If you think Miami was loud, you should've heard them today. I guess I showed them sons of bitches— calling me vulgar. You don't think I'm vulgar, do you, baby?" he said, pulling me down on the bed. "If you want to show them vulgar, we'll have to work on your bumps and grinds. A real grind is done like this," I said, rotating my hips. I'll show you a real grind, June," he said, putting both hands under my hips and pulling me close. Pat tactfully left the room.” •Excerpts from In the Twilight of Memory By June Juanico #elvis #elvispresley #junejuanico

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1 month ago
Damn Elvis just isn't tired after a show ain't he😂😭
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1 month ago
So did they film his show in Jacksonville? Wish we could get the video
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
Great pic