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So young and beautiful forever, this day will always be tuff on us Elvis fans, whether or not we we're alive the day of his passing or born after. Elvis fans are always loyal and will stick up for him, as he would for us. I've looked up to Elvis as a role model in my life(that's probably weird) but when I was I depressed or contemplating my life I always looked to Elvis, in his lyrics or interviews he always had something beautiful to say or sing. I will never forget the day music died AUGUST 16,1977 #Elvis #Elvispresley #memphis #king #queen #lovehim #cutie #myboymyboy #graceland #1950 #1960 #1970

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1 month ago
Esse beijinho Ê pra mim Ê meu beijinho meu anjo no cÊu 💗😍😍💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
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1 month ago
❤ī¸ ele Ê minha volta à calma.
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1 month ago
Last pic in the blue shirt is not Elvis
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