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Meet the page owner 🌵@leahsopapilla_ Hello, y’all! I know a lot of the fans have been interacting with me for years (some I even call friends), but I know a lot of you don’t even know my name— so I wanted to introduce myself real fast. My name is Leah & I am the owner of Presley World. I created this page in the summer of 2017 with hopes of sharing all of the Elvis information I had obtained. I felt that the fans deserved to hear different sides of the story. I also felt like all of my research was going to waste you know? I was just sitting there reading all of these books and finding out stuff on all of these ghost forums online and I had no one to share the truth with. So here I am! Alright, so here is a little information about me. I turned 24 in July & I am currently pregnant with my first child! It’s a boy! He is due in Early January. Very exciting. I live in California with my boyfriend of 7 years & our four animals. Two dog, Patton & Blackjack and two cats, Samatha & Khaleesi. I grew up in Louisiana most of my life, but I am now living on the west coast. I enjoy homemaking & spending time out in the sun most of all. I’m a major foodie & I LOVE to travel. Been to all the US states except for two. Of course, I’m very passionate about Elvis & his life. Not necessarily passionate about his career, but about HIM. The man. I have currently read about 34 Elvis biographies & that number will continue to grow. I started researching Elvis when I was 17 years old. He fell right into my lap. I’ve been to Graceland three times! The last time was in June of last year (my boyfriend and I stayed in the guesthouse for a few days). So yeah, that’s the basics about me. If you have any questions EVER about Elvis or myself, feel free to dm me. I love making new Elvis friends. You guys rock!!!!!! -leah #elvis #elvispresley #presleyworld #pageowner

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2 months ago
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2 months ago
I first discovered your page through your YT videos and loved it. The great amount of info and your hard work make your acc the best for Elvis enthusiasts. Keep it up and good luck with your baby boy.💙🙏
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2 months ago
Beautiful thank you 👏👏😍🌹🌹🌹
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
I’m on the west coast also..please continue your research it’s great!!
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2 months ago
I wondering how you became an Elvis fan since you are so young?
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2 months ago
It's a pleasure, you are amazing and I love everything you share with us. You're very special ❤️❤️❤️ love from Brazil
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
Здравствуйте Лия!) Спасибо Вам огромное!) Желаю Вам Большого Человеческого Счастье и удачных род с первым малышом!!!
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2 months ago
Hello Leah!) Thank you very much!) I wish you Great Human Happiness and successful species with the first baby! 🕺🎸🌹🌹🌹
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2 months ago
God bless your Family
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2 months ago
Ahhhh what if he’s born on Elvis’ birthday?! Mines on the 6th! You are so pretty and I love the stuff you post!
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2 months ago
Good luck with the birth and keep up the good work, really enjoy your page, by the way how does your boyfriend feel about Elvis?
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2 months ago
Your beautiful!! Congrats on your pregnancy!! Thank you for all you share with us love it all!!💕
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2 months ago
Hello Leah. Take care of yourself and your baby. We'll just wait for your posts soon. Stay happy😊
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
Nice to meet you😃 and congratulations for the future baby🤗😍 you look beautiful. I love your posts, you are doing a terrific job👏👌 let me introduce myself : my name is valerie and i am french. I live close to Paris. I love Elvis since i was 12, i discovered him unfortunately in august 16th 1977 when he died. I am 54 now. I have 2 boys of 14 and 12. I have been to Graceland 3 times : in 1982 and 2 times in 1988. Thanks to YouTube and people like you on instagram i discovered many new things about Elvis for the last few years and i really love him more and more. I had the feeling to get closer to the man himself. Thank you again for all the sharing❤️🤗 i really appreciate👍😉 take care of yourself 😘
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2 months ago
Hello nice to meet you. Your very pretty. Hope your pregnancy goes well. Maybe your baby will become an elvis fan too. I live in the UK I have been an elvis fan since I was a little girl in the mid seventies!
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1 month ago
Hope all is well (thank you for all the ELVIS info you put out)
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1 month ago
Your page is fantastic and you're among the kindest persons I've ever met! 👏
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4 weeks ago
Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm just being overly nosy but what will you call your son? And he's due in the same month Elvis was born too. I'm not saying that like you don't obviously already know that.