Spencer Pratt 1 year ago @spencerpratt


The birds in the trap, they ain't leavin' out they nest

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cranberryandfig2019 avatar
4 months ago
jolieespo15 avatar
3 months ago
Omg...cute ...☺
danalevine1964 avatar
3 months ago
Love this piece!!!! Soooo perfect!!! Spence n lil Gunner!!! Unconditional love!!! You 2 are parents!! Wow!!! Spidey lover 4 life!!!!! ❤️❤️🔥🔥
maciblue avatar
3 months ago
Wow Gunner, they love you!!!
clairreebeaar avatar
3 months ago
@literallysteven look how cool!!!
igenstarr avatar
3 months ago
I use those too.I'm not as successful as you. I'm just not consistent enough. Its so crazy when my feeder gets low they come to my door and pause and then look in at me and fly away. They are just telling me. HELLO feed us lol
sarahrillo avatar
2 months ago
@beckydeconno I had forgotten about these gems
danalevine1964 avatar
2 months ago
Omggggh... This is so incredible!! I litterally could watch u all day. I actually did the other day. I spent hrs. going thru ur vid's n pic's... So impressive P. D. Ur lil boy is 2 die 4!! Love u !!!!😃😍❤️👏
cacarorolinee avatar
2 months ago
Can’t get enough of Spencer Pratt right now @diane_strat
desertsunshine77 avatar
1 month ago
You guys need your own show. Complete entertainment constantly.
lorenamarshall93 avatar
1 month ago
So cute
sensational26 avatar
1 month ago
Why are you obsessed with them
lovelyarpilleda avatar
1 month ago
So cute ❤️😘
piracicabano1987 avatar
1 month ago
Isso também é jiu jitsu #contactnatureza
corinnezazzaro avatar
2 weeks ago
@maddyperriolat happy new yeat
chopsy1866 avatar
1 week ago
tieeastwill avatar
1 day ago
Did you add food coloring @spencerpratt or why is it red?

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