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The genius of ‘Murder, Murder’ for me is how incredibly well he is able to paint the imagery he describes. It’s literally like a cocktail between the desperate nature of ‘Rock Bottom’ and the vivid storytelling in ‘Stan’. It’s basically the fictional tale of Eminem, who is driven to commit these crimes to feed his family and being able to pay to not be denied his younger brother Nathan. Eminem is depicting the worst case scenario of what he will have to do if his current situation doesn’t improve. Hence all the drama and violence. In essence, it’s a lyrical delve into the darkest crevice of his mind. It’s unbelievably creative and his ability to create such images make it so convincing. I can’t heap enough praise on this song, the original one on the SSEP is the only one you should be hearing because the more recent one isn’t mixed nicely. I’ve said this before, it’s a crime that Dre or whoever dictates what songs should be transferred from the EP to the LP didn’t do everything they could for ‘Murder, Murder’. There are so many things that make this song perfect, from the drained delivery, to the raw flow and lyricism. Why I’ve never heard Eminem or any of his entourage ever talk about this song is beyond me. I wish someone could talk about it, to me it’s just mind blowing. 🐐 Via: @daily.eminem Follow us for daily pics! . . #eminem #revival #marshall #rapgod #marshallmathers #relapse #8mile #d12 #shadyrecords #shadyxv #elvisinconcert #lisamariepresley #iloveelvis . .

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