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The Palm phone is still kind of ridiculous -- but if you were curious about having a tiny phone, doing so just got a bit cheaper: US Mobile recently announced that it will let owners of the unlocked Palm phone use it on their network for as little as $5 a month. ⁠ ⁠ That comes with a catch, of course: $5 only buys a limited amount of calls, text and data -- so you'd better stick to using the Palm only as a secondary "sometimes" phone. It also will have its own number: linking it to a the same number as your primary phone is still a Verizon exclusive feature. Oh, and that price only counts if you sign up for a full year -- otherwise it's $7.50 a month. ⁠ ⁠ Still, if you were looking for a slightly cheaper way to use this weird, unique phone, now you have it. ⁠ ⁠ #palm #palmphone #tinyphone #USMOBILE #smartphone #phone #phoneplan⁠ ⁠

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returnoflink avatar
6 months ago
jack.wrigley avatar
6 months ago
Loved that phone.
usmarttech avatar
6 months ago
What an interesting design! And we agree with you, this looks like a great secondary phone, especially when your primary or main phone runs out of battery.
marconsville avatar
6 months ago
For those who have sidechick/s are thinking of having it now...😂
digitalgrandparentsinc avatar
6 months ago
Cute, for kids. But, nah 🙅🏽‍♀️
seanheat avatar
6 months ago
rayislost_ avatar
6 months ago
If you can run pokemon go on it id buy it
abracapocalypse avatar
6 months ago
I think this whould be a great a 4G phone as long as it has Wi-Fi hotspot. Then it would make a great hotspot for those people that need to have a phone but hardly ever use one as a phone. This plus a tablet would work really well in that case
joseluismuyi avatar
6 months ago
dagreatquake718 avatar
6 months ago
Jail phone
techenutia avatar
6 months ago
The smallest smartphone of 2019
salepetrovic87 avatar
6 months ago
I used to have Sony Tipo - it was a small budget android phone. Actually it still can be used for calls or messages, but it won't support any apps today I believe. Also it was small as this one and although you can get used to it, I would definitely never go back 🤣
krutttttt avatar
6 months ago
but can it run crysis? or pubg mobile atleast? 🤣🤣
samy__yousfi avatar
6 months ago
@mrjojol67 un test ??
t.s.j.g avatar
6 months ago
They need to bring back the centro or the pré
bikerjameschapman avatar
6 months ago
Will you guys make up your fucking mind phone startled big and then they went super small and now they went big and now they're going super small again like Ho Lee fuk just pick a normal size for a normal fucking human being phones don't need to be these giant ass half tablets fucking 6 and 1/2 in wide screens 21 to 9 aspect ratio bullshit no fucking normal ass human being is going to use this goddamn piece of shit 3 and 1/2 inch phone and no goddamn Giant needs to use a goddamn 7 1/2 inch Samsung tab
myteracube avatar
6 months ago
Do you review new smartphones? We have one coming out with a 4 year warranty that's better for preventing eco waste
paulycoconuts avatar
6 months ago
I saw Palm phone and immediately went to "Nokia is resurrecting Palm?".
roko621k avatar
6 months ago
Kind of don't want a phone that you need a magnifying glass!
nonewmedia avatar
6 months ago
How to can’t stop to use a phone
zahinzeffrie avatar
6 months ago
Its good for sneaking tbh
amar_sidhu_142 avatar
6 months ago
Mobile name
franklinlooes avatar
4 months ago
Já esta vendendo no Brasil?
palmphonefans avatar
1 week ago

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