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This is not especially important to anyone but me! I have a goal to get my body a certain way. It requires some discipline in physical exercise. Most importantly it requires me eating food that tastes great! Did I mention big portions outside my intermittent fasting window? We shall see the fruits of this labor in July. No real training but I know my body and mind. A shout out to my cousin @kiolaraines for your motivational inspirations! I see you and put in effort even if it’s midnight when my little ladies are 😴!

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7 months ago
You go woman!! You deserve to achieve every goal you set out to accomplish and YOU WILL make it happen ❤️❤️ Love love love you
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7 months ago
A Lotta things happening with you why should I say second child I miss you I’m going to start out, you’re always my little Britney always will be sorry getting ready for the new baby watching you with your babies your little ones how so really is this! You’re moving on you’re a woman with the family this is Cathy you were a kid to me getting ready for the new baby, I wish you were closer to me you and I would be best buds in one town. I can’t find my way back to you Britney Steve has been healing from leukemia, this summer there’s one promise I’m making to myself I need to put my arms around you travel up to Pizmo just for you. There’s no excuse anymore I need to meet your family, Summer I’m all free I need to share with you so many crazy things that of happened with me and you have been through quite a few things yourself, I know it will be like we’re picking up like we saw each other yesterday Britney I have always been so close to you girlfriend. Although I have to say I’m so sorry for your sister and everything is happening with her I’ve been watching is seems tragic, let’s share I have so much to tell you there’s no way I can do this in a text. Our family are always our family I’ve always loved your father we actually miss him David has been the nicest guy in this family Stephen has always helped him when he was down here in the Southbay area, we just can’t be around Brenda I love my sister all my heart but she’s not the same person I know you understand that, when we see each other let’s not even talk about that. Fun times have a couple of times coming out to that area we are so getting together I’d like to spoil you guys! Auntie Cathy so much love going your way and your family.

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