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This is the @whoop strap. We’re all wearing them during #soberoctober. It measures heart rate variability, monitors your sleep and gives you incredibly detailed read outs on all the factors that go into being healthy and recovering from exercise. It’s made me realize I don’t get nearly as much sleep as I need, and not nearly as much as I thought I was getting. It holds you accountable. I love that it lets you know how much you’ve recovered from workouts too. They didn’t ask me to post this, and although they’re a sponsor for this month I’m not obligated to make this post either. I’m just doing it because I think this thing is very impressive and extremely useful.

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hogie1982 avatar
3 weeks ago
Is this worthwhile if you have an oura ring doesn’t anyone know (apart from the increased practicality of being able to grip weights without having a ring on)?
zippyv4.0 avatar
3 weeks ago
@joerogan i have the iwatch i feel like these thing might not help.
therealkaylacoble avatar
3 weeks ago
lilmike_92 avatar
3 weeks ago
30$ a month I cannot do but I like it.. I'd just buy a fitness watch I don't need a subscription for.
tcolvin12 avatar
3 weeks ago
@joerogan do you wear it while training bjj?
zlandeezy402 avatar
3 weeks ago
That thing would prevent me from getting sleep
deez2007 avatar
3 weeks ago
$30 a month is like a gym membership
jamietaylor19 avatar
3 weeks ago
@mash_taylor that's what a was on about
colleen_roach avatar
3 weeks ago
@joerogan could we keep this on whilst boxing such as sparring etc?
claudiaws avatar
3 weeks ago
@joerogan can one wear it whilst boxing training (under wraps / gloves etc)?
holmbergjosefine avatar
2 weeks ago
My favorite!!! Love the whoop band 🙌
kissthecook756 avatar
2 weeks ago
No we are not all wearing them. I got problems to face and sober isn’t going to help solve shit.
pjpereira_novelist avatar
1 week ago
I got one myself, loving it. Helps me see when I’m not training enough and better: when im overtraining. Recently I stoped taking the data too seriously, my recovery went to the red and suddenly... a knee, shoulder and hand injury. Resting for a week to go back to green, then back to the grind.
pjpereira_novelist avatar
1 week ago
@jordanlutsky - I’m telling you... and I got the arm band now, it works much better for Bjj than the regular strap.
younghessler avatar
1 week ago
Ordered mine today, $30 off thanks @joerogan
aaronautical_ avatar
1 week ago
Where can I find the static results of your sober October?
louevilpsycho avatar
1 week ago
Well, guess I’m buying one now! Thanks again @joerogan 😂
othaboy510 avatar
5 days ago
@mommaj12 This is what @bewley_bizz got