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throwback to @cosmopolitan . only posting cause i am this👌🏻👌🏻close to dying my hair this color for real bc i’m restless/irresponsible but still wanted to let you know cause i value our friendship

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valeriagg1 avatar
1 month ago
Omg I love this yesssss😍😍
shoger916 avatar
1 month ago
Love your hair that color!
cameron_boyce_actor avatar
1 month ago
Hey dove its me Cameron Boyce
hasyahayyim avatar
1 month ago
You look gorgeous as a brunette
maria.garay.90 avatar
1 month ago
mabepala11 avatar
4 weeks ago
Me gusta mas con el cabello rubio
1rene.gugl1 avatar
4 weeks ago
Amazing photo shooting 🔥👏😍❤️
fabianafernandesaslanlessa avatar
4 weeks ago
Dove muda o cabelo pra essa cor denovo!
fioredust avatar
3 weeks ago
laleh_ha77 avatar
3 weeks ago
the_aneeshaliza avatar
3 weeks ago
Damn girl looking girl.
beck_getty avatar
3 weeks ago
Your eyes would be even more incredible brunette and it's always good to reinvent yourself every so often to keep people on their toes. Plus you can always easily go back to blonde. Just use a non permanent dye that washes out. You'd look stunningly gorgeous!!!💖
unicorngirl5664 avatar
3 weeks ago
No offence but like her with white hair
miamorena_suarez avatar
3 weeks ago
leoguedes_21 avatar
1 week ago
ssanc3183 avatar
1 week ago
😢😢😢👏👏🏻🙌🏻🙌👏👏😢😢😮😮😮what do you freaking mean close to dying from #1fan
domingo225633 avatar
1 week ago
black really baby
lillyhavens avatar
1 week ago
i like the black hair :0
marcusandreribeirofonseca avatar
4 days ago
mckenzie._.boudreaux avatar
2 days ago
You look really good in this hair color but just remember you are still good the way you are love you! ♥️♥️ You helped me through my childhood and you stopped me from killing my self thank you so much dove ❤️ never change yourself unless you want to
tytustackett avatar
2 days ago
You are the best dove
grey.arz avatar
2 days ago
Diva de divas 😍❤️✨🤗
linde_d_ avatar
6 hours ago
8658.celia avatar
3 hours ago
Estás más guapa rubia ❤️❤️

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