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Trivia On The Haunted (1999) • Stephen King wrote the first draft of the script. When this fell through, he re-worked it into Rose Red • The creaks and moans heard throughout the house were recorded and played during filming in order to get a more natural expression of fear out of the actors • Several of the sets, some of the largest interior sets ever built, depicting Hill House were so big they had to be built in the hangar that housed The Spruce Goose, the mammoth airplane built by Howard Hughes • At the time of its release, it was widely rumored that Steven Spielberg either directed some scenes or participated in post-production because he didn't like the rough cut he saw. This was, however, never confirmed • The project was originally with Dimension films, with Wes Craven attached to direct • Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel was originally attached to shoot the movie, and even completed some of the filming, but dropped out due to creative differences • In the Behind the Scenes Feature, Owen Wilson says that during the scene where he is beating the painting with a candlestick, a piece of it came off and hit him in the face. He had to get stitches • Steven Spielberg was so disgusted by the quality of the final product of the film, that he removed his name and ensured that the credit made no single mention of him • Liam Neeson nicknamed Catherine Zeta-Jones "The Welsh Gazelle", because they repeated a running take time after time, and he couldn't keep up with her • #TheHaunting1999 #TheHauntingMovie #LiamNeeson #CatherineZetaJones #OwenWilson #LiliTaylor • Trivia credits go to IMDB

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