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Want the taste of deep-fried deliciousness without the big pot of oil? Hello, air fryer! ๐Ÿ™Œ On this weekโ€™s #WhatWouldKatieEat, Katie is air-frying chicken tenders, French fries AND crispy Brussels sprouts! Watch Katie cook LIVE today on the @FoodNetworkKitchen app at 2|1c and 6|5c! Plus, save the recipe in your @FoodNetworkKitchen app.

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steffiadler avatar
1 month ago
@lisa_grh ich brauch auch so ein Ding ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜
charlene.ralston.127 avatar
1 month ago
Looks some good
stephtilos avatar
1 month ago
@solit02 itโ€™s like my Instagram was listening to our conversation cuz this just popped up!
uncle_leon_cooking avatar
1 month ago
Air fryer ainโ€™t nothing compared to Fry Daddy - sorry
jenniferd.sullivanblair avatar
1 month ago
lulubele49 avatar
1 month ago
Thanks for sharing, looks delicious.
lynzey79 avatar
1 month ago
If you have an oven with the convection option then don't waste your money on an air fryer. I get crispy fries and chicken every time with my oven set to convection bake. I just use a cookie sheet with a rack in it so the air can flow around everything.
raina.wilson avatar
1 month ago
Looks so bland
chrisss_food_page avatar
1 month ago
Lookin real good!
chrisss_food_page avatar
1 month ago
I have a food page too.
lolathomasulo avatar
1 month ago
casondrafossa avatar
3 weeks ago
@bmoretti33 she even has the same one we have

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