Joe Trippett 1 month ago @jtfitnessuk


What types of exercise do you hate?? More importantly why do you hate them?? If you are new to exercise or struggle to exercise consistently then I agree with the idea of just finding something you enjoy and can stick to. However, if you have established a solid exercise routine and want to progress with your fitness it is worth exploring areas you avoid. Things you duck and dive are often what could help push you forward. Even the toughest amongst us have a comfort zone and cleverly avoid areas that are challenging. We make excuses and convince ourselves that avoidance is the best option: “Yoga is too slow and boring” “I can’t deadlift because I’ve got a bad back” “Running hurts my knees” Sometimes our reasons are genuine and we need to stay away from certain exercises, at least in the short term. However, we need to start questioning the real reasons behind our avoidance. Often it will be through fear - of failure, of looking stupid, of injury, of the unknown. It’s also due to lack of understanding about the potential benefits something will bring - if you haven’t yet experienced the positive side then it’s hard to convince the mind to push through the negative feelings. Unfortunately we are skilled at avoiding the things we really need. Take yoga for example. People who say “it’s so boring” are usually the ones who have racing minds and are always on the go. Slowing down and trying to relax in this manner feels alien to them, so they convince themselves that the exercise is boring. However, if they gave the process a chance they would realise it is exactly what they need to calm the stressed out body and mind. I’ve always dreaded front squats and this often leads to me leaving them out of my training. As a result they have continued to be a relative weakness for me. It was largely because I found them uncomfortable and a struggle due to mobility issues. I recently added them back into my routine and have set some personal goals. I am actually starting to enjoy the challenge and feel the benefits from doing them regularly. Try this process with something you currently avoid. Set a challenge, give it a good go and see if you can change your mindset