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Wireless headphones have been growing in popularity ever since the headphone jack started to bow out -- but if you prefer over-ear headphones, you still had to lug something around with a headband. Not anymore. Human Headphones are here, and they're weird. ⁠ ⁠ Think of them like AirPods, but for users that don't like to stick things in their ear. These simple, lightweight earmuffs wedge themselves securely over the user's earlobes, completely covering the ear. It looks weird, and almost a little futuristic -- but they sound decent. ⁠ ⁠ Need music, but don't feel like wearing them? Clasp the two cups together, and you can use them as makeshift speaker -- one that can even help translate 11 languages on the fly. ⁠ ⁠ What do you think -- a good alternative to Airpods, or a little too strange? #humanheadphones #airpods #audio #headphones #audiophile #music #futurism #truewireless #truewirelessheadphones #music #translation #machinetranslation

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the_only_tobias_ avatar
5 months ago
Bruh I straight up thought this was a joke at first to mock wireless headphones but...this is real💀💀💀
ben_cerda1 avatar
5 months ago
Ugliest things I’ve ever seen
tomer_kubik avatar
5 months ago
Winter is coming 😁
iam_jorel avatar
5 months ago
For 400 dollars imma need something that sounds better than decent
leonar.davis avatar
5 months ago
Freeza has these
milkymilkbag avatar
5 months ago
Just because something is good doesnt mean it's the future. The design looks way too "stupid" to be a big hit.
basically.ostracized avatar
5 months ago
floss said these are a major major major major no, thats a quad major no the lowest rating
b.samonte avatar
5 months ago
Yeah cuz I wanna walk around looking like Jaco from Dragon Ball Super
dylanbadaro avatar
5 months ago
Eso pa es un protector de oreja
dipesh_2091 avatar
5 months ago
Looks weird and cool both at the same time.
ty.hiew avatar
5 months ago
Sponsored post again ugh, they're shit but they keep shoving money down influencer's throat
_mohsen_ss_ avatar
5 months ago
thanasis_koutsoulas avatar
5 months ago
Better than airpods.Its only $250 more expensive
jagjeet__singh_ avatar
5 months ago
Isn't she from edsheerans music album ?
straberyblus avatar
5 months ago
i look like im about to dye my hair or something
0w0.dario.0w0 avatar
5 months ago
These look like shit
joept46 avatar
5 months ago
I’m not wearing that on my ears
karma_talukdar avatar
5 months ago
Isn't that the same girl from Shape of You?
youngmanandthesound avatar
5 months ago
anar_legioner avatar
5 months ago
whiskeyy__hut avatar
4 months ago
whiskeyy__hut avatar
4 months ago
smartgenius.shop avatar
4 weeks ago
😍 Beutiful headphones

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