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@evamendes 23 hours ago

B5GD-GkhNkn Working on something fun. Ju like her?! She fun.



@evamendes 1 day ago

B5DnugHB1e8 I’m feeling sweater sets for the holidays! New collection out now ❤️And yes I’m one of those annoying people who start celebrating as early in the season as possible ❤️ @New York & Company



@evamendes 3 days ago

B5A2SSiheL4 Holiday. Collection. Out. Now. ❤️ @New York & Company



@evamendes 5 days ago

B45XvpehcDG This is my beautiful big sister Becky. (Look at that body?!? ) I wanted to take time today to celebrate her and publicly thank her for everything she’s done for me. When I was little, she was like a second mom to me. Making sure I knew my address in case I got lost, making sure I’d scream loud and kick if a stranger came too close to me, and making sure I knew my ABC’s. When I think of the woman I am today, I think of how much she helped shape me. Sometimes I forget to thank her because she likes to stay “behind the scenes”. But I see you Bex, back there, cheering me on. Sometimes I forget to thank those who’ve always been there. So I’m gonna start doing that more. Maybe it’s me just getting older and realizing how temporary this all is. But Bex, I love you. And I thank you for everything you did and do for me. I see you Big Sis. ❤️



@evamendes 6 days ago

B42s2j3hG3C Thank you to the incredible @J A R A É H O L I E W A Y for this. If you don’t follow this woman, do yourself a favor and look her up. An icon in the making. Doing her own thing, her own way. Love her for this. Love you sis 💜



@evamendes 1 week ago

B40LdlPh03B It’s posts like this that make me feel like Instagram has won. And yes I have my own private war with insta. (Don’t you?!?) I mean this is exposing. I look ridiculous trying to “find it” but I guess I do in the end? It’s social media so you’ll be the judge. And oh yea, my @New York & Company holiday collection out now. Link in bio 🖤 Credits that are due: Photographer: @mariansellphoto Make up: @genevieveherr Hair: @giannandreahair Hair color: @the_brownsisters_yb Nails: @ashlie_johnson Styling: @mossovskaya 🖤



@evamendes 1 week ago

B4vP6jXB_gr I’m crazy excited about @Mark Hyman, M.D.’s new book, #foodthecookbook What The Heck Should I Cook? As most of you know I’m OBSESSED with his podcast “Doctor’s Farmacy” His knowledge helps me deal with my sugar addiction and loads me with knowledge and information that your regular doctor isn’t telling you. I don’t usually recommend things unless they’re game changers for me. This is a wellness game changer!!! ❤️



@evamendes 1 week ago

B4n298OBTNn Family, babies, friends, amazing women, coworkers and Cuban coffee!!! What a way to spend the night celebrating my latest Holiday collection for @nyandcompany Gracias to everyone especially my special guest who I LOVE @blacmagic_woman And Gracias to.... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hair: Yvonne @the_brownsisters_yb Makeup: @Genevieveherr Med facial: @marianalvergara Nails: @ashlie_johnson Stylist: @mossovskaya Bag: @lespetitsjoueurs Shoes: @andreawazen Location: @ladescargala Brother love: @cmendez78 Niece love: @_danilevy Catering: @electricavenuechef Organic Coffee: @mayorgaorganics And a special thanks to @iamcattsadler and all the amazing @nyandcompany employees who represented !! Love you!



@evamendes 1 week ago

B4nLebhhzDd Such fun last night celebrating my holiday collection for @New York & Company So many more pics and details to come....❤️🖤❤️



@evamendes 1 week ago

B4k1eycBwPU Talking to the amazing @Kelly Clarkson about being ill prepared for parenting. So many skills you need to have for these little suckers! And no manual! No prep course! But I’m crazy about them and I love that they drive me crazy in return ❤️ @New York & Company @The Kelly Clarkson Show



@evamendes 2 weeks ago

B4iG27jhU1Q Happy Blue Suit Wednesday! What? That’s not a thing? Can we make it one? No? Ok I tried. 💙 Look out now online and in stores 💙 #nofilter @New York & Company @𝐘𝐯𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧



@evamendes 2 weeks ago

B4fscDQB4sQ Ayyyyyy The Cassidy dress!!! One of my favorite pieces from this collection. If it’s already cold where you’re at, wear tights. This one’s a goooooood one. Te lo prometo 🖤#nofilter @New York & Company @𝐘𝐯𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧



@evamendes 2 weeks ago

B4bQz-WB2r2 Wrapping up work and running home to my babies in my black and white chevron Fonda coat and my matching Elise pant. There’s also a matching killer peplum top but I was too hot to wear it. All available @nyandcompany now. 💙 I don’t like this getting dark early business by the way. I don’t like it one bit. Buenas noches 💙



@evamendes 2 weeks ago

B4X6R4thx9C I miss him so bad. “You’re not a chihuahua.” Hugo Forever 💔



@evamendes 2 weeks ago

B4VTqziBW7T Muchachas (y some muchachos) this Ginger blouse is SO beautiful. I love these Charlotte palazzo pants too but not everyone loves a palazzo. I don’t love one unless it’s perfect and we’ve tried to perfect them for you, so you let us know how we did. But now these faux suede heels.....these are EVERYTHING. And they’re faux which always makes me happy. Unless we’re talking about a person. But with shoes and bags I always go faux. Everything out now 🖤 @New York & Company



@evamendes 2 weeks ago

B4Syuk-hPGt School drop off today 🖤



@evamendes 3 weeks ago

B4QYgYphd1V New collection is out! Everything you see on me is out now. Everything else you see is in production. What you don’t see, well that’s on you. 🧡 Gracias @life_of_cecilia_personal for being my beautiful model and partner in fashion crime. And a million gracias to our AMAZING customers that continue to be ride or dies. In the words of Fellini “amore, amore, amore!” @New York & Company



@evamendes 3 weeks ago

B4QL98Kh4wC For costumes or just homemade outfits I go to the wonderful and talented Edith @Nicole & Stella 💞



@evamendes 3 weeks ago

B4NrbeihWfx How am I visibly out of breath by just trying on sweaters?! Anyway that’s a whole other conversation I’m not ready to have but meanwhile ....these super cozy sexy comfy sweaters are available online and in stores. Link in bio 🧡@New York & Company @𝐘𝐯𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧



@evamendes 3 weeks ago

B4NXLrUBjJQ THIS girl. She’s my girl. Happy Birthday to my BFF Kharla Alvarado. I’m so happy I told Zeke that I thought you had attitude when I was 14. (You did BTW) and I’m so happy you confronted me about it. Since then its been an epic friendship and sisterhood that I’m eternally grateful for. Happy birthday Khar. You.The. Best. ❤️



@evamendes 3 weeks ago

B4K2NcEhAtT Monday spooky Monday... that time I was in Budapest relaxing in a cave in Dracula’s prison chamber.  Damn, I wish I would’ve worn different shoes. These running shoes are a real vibe killer. 🖤🧡



@evamendes 3 weeks ago

B4F7fB8Bb8t I’m not feeling Halloween yet. Usually by now I have an idea. Can I just bring out my wig and be someone’s suspicious Cuban Tia? You know that Tia. She’s a character. She’s in everyone’s business. Can that be enough of costume? She’s so much. Really she’s too much, so is she enough for this Halloween? 🧡



@evamendes 4 weeks ago

B3-KQ0thlgs Oh the joys of motherhood. No this isn’t a beautiful instagram shot of my food. It’s my reality. Not having breakfast until lunchtime and not having the time and the decency to serve myself on a plate. When did I start eating straight from the pan you ask? Oh you didn’t ask. I’ll tell you anyway. About 4 years ago. My oldest is 5. Do the math 🧡Any straight from the pan eating mamas out there? Can we start a support group? 🧡



@evamendes 4 weeks ago

B37ZJOThh_y Why didn’t anyone tell me?!? I’m a lip biter!! Oh no, I’m a dancing lip biter!! I had no idea. All these years. Just didn’t know. I can’t be out there doing this. I must be stopped ❤️ Everything you see here avail @New York & Company online and in stores. Well except for the headband. And the boots. So I guess not everything. But see , now I’m all frazzled. The lip biting thing is throwing me off. Reality Bites ❤️



@evamendes 4 weeks ago

B35sMpeh2BF Look at that weave! Am I talking about my hair or my sweater? This time I’m talking my Carlotta sweater set and all things sweaters. So comfy sexy cozy 🧡Sweater sets & boots & hoops por vida 🧡 out now 🧡 link in bio 🧡 @New York & Company



@evamendes 1 month ago

B32mi61B24w Sunday. Still in bed. Trying to hide from my kids. (not having success) And no, I didn’t wash my makeup off last night. I know , I know so bad,  yadda yadda but I like the “next day of the night before “ eye make up look. My skin disagrees tho. To all you mamas out there, hope you find a moment to sneak away from the madness today even for a few minutes. Calgon take me awayyyyy (the older moms will know what that means) ❤️



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3xlGQPhswy I loooove @Kelly Clarkson! Just love love love her. Congratulations on a beautiful show mama! Here I am having fun with her in my Liliana maxi dress. 🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤 Make up: @genevieveherr Hair : @giannandreahair Hair color: @the_brownsisters_yb Medical facial: @marianalvergara Stylist: @mossovskaya Nails: @ashlie_johnson Last minute pimple treatment: Melanie Simon @ziipbeauty @The Kelly Clarkson Show



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3uoxkxh3cn #TBT to when the amazing Shawnta Ellis @tightstrangbraidingsalon did this. Hey Shawnta, can we do this again please?! ❤️ @Tight Strands Braiding Salon



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3pceG4halY When your coworker creeps on you while on a lunch break and you’re slightly thrown off but then you’re thankful because you realize you’re a walking advertisement for your clothing line and she just gave you content to post. Kelsey blouse, killer jean skirt and pumps out now. Gracias Isa! @New York & Company



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3nF7bkhOU3 Ok this is a terrible angle but thought you guys would like to know that yea, I stop into @Supercuts every once in awhile. Y que?! 🧡



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3kWx1PB4pY Ok so I like to match my hair to my clothes. Y que?! Fall feelz in this cozy Alma sweater and Geneva cords...THIRTY percent off only until Monday 🧡 Some love credits.... Hair @giannandreahair Makeup @patidubroff Nails by @ashlie_johnson Hair color @mikelorenzano Styling @mossovskaya Co-Designer @alejandrocblanco Photographer: @mariansellphoto



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3hsoqJh0LI Muchachas! (Y some muchachos)....weekend sale. Thirty percent off stuff like this killer Ina sweater dress. 🧡 @New York & Company



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3fdMO8hSq9 Hola! Keep sound on if you wanna make fun of my very Cuban Spanish. So fun visiting Acceso Total with @Elva Saray and @Armida in support of my fall collection. Joining me are some of our amazing @New York & Company employees: @Chelesa, @Karla Avila, Kimberly Martinez, and Olivia Rodriguez. Gracias muchachas ! Besos! 🧡 @#AccesoTotal



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3Z7oQXhCTR Too early this morning! Thank goodness for Make up by @Genevieve Herr Hair by @Giannandrea And face by @Dr. Mariana Vergara ❤️ In my @New York & Company sweatsuit ready to go! ❤️ @𝐘𝐯𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3XaNBJh-D_ Things are getting spooky....🖤



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3U8jSChxJn Monday. Yea, you heard ma! Monday! 🖤



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3P8_n-hvkr Me trying to match my hair to my favorite super Octobery print in my Liliana maxi dress (and leopard belt , but of course.) Now try to say that three times in a row. Out now. 🧡🖤 @New York & Company



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3KiowZBB7O That time when I was in a cemetery in Paris and a monster gave me a side saddle piggyback ride. #tbt



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3ICWtIBLGB New collection out today! Thank you to Olivia and @Karla Avila and @Manda . We had some of our hardworking @New York & Company employees join us for the shoot and model the new styles. Thanks muchachas. Was so fun! 🧡



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3FlvpoB35E I love design meetings. I wear every piece and test it out for you. I make sure it looks good and fits great. We put a lot of love into these clothes and we hope you can feel it. Extra love to my beautiful model (and amazing photographer) @life_of_cecilia_personal 🧡 Every look you see me in is available now online and in stores. 🧡 @New York & Company



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3CyvAUhCdg Good morning from my design meeting! Ok I want your comments about the clothes -but I hear you already, no these aren’t great face shots but this is me fully present in my meeting. Wasn’t thinking about how I looked, was thinking about how to make YOU, our customer happy. I’m in my Everette soft blazer and pant with my Layla blouse. This suit isn’t selling as well as I thought....muchachas y muchachos...please tell me why?! What aren’t you loving about this suit? It’s a cool, easy fit. Super 90’s. I love it! 🧡But ...this is what these design meetings are for. I listen to all your comments and feedback on what you’re loving or not loving so tell me! I’m all ears....🧡 @New York & Company



@evamendes 1 month ago

B3A-J4XBZYQ Feeling Fall in my Coretta Trench. My must have right now. Online and in stores 🧡 @New York & Company



@evamendes 1 month ago

B292A0MB7EK Happy Belated Birthday to the incredible @Will Smith !!! Best part of working with Will Smith? Well, working with Will Smith. But the real perk was getting to know @Jada Pinkett Smith. Love you both ❤️ And oh yea, almost 15 years later but I’m still plotting my revenge for this, “Hitch”.



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B27BbE7h9Jl My Friday disposition



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@evamendes 1 month ago

B22AjJwBWaq About last night... Wearing a blue pant suit from my @New York & Company collection (last year) co-designed by the one and only @Alejandro Blanco . He’s created my line with me from the beginning and I want to make sure his talent is recognized. I couldn’t have done it without him. He’s the one out there finding these incredible fabrics and making sure we deliver top quality at mass. So I wanna say gracias to my partner in fashion crime 💙 Also, really feeling my hair (can you tell?!) by amazing colorist @𝐘𝐯𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧. Gracias muchacha. Latinos supporting Latinos por vida. 💙



@evamendes 1 month ago

B2zotPthHyT Talk about MOOD. I posted this Estelle sweater set yesterday with more of a conservative aesthetic and today I wanna show you it can go more ways. This is actually a BTS shot that really captured the mood on set that day. We brought in some of our favorite @New York & Company store employees and they modeled the clothes with me. So fun. Here is @Manda wearing the F outta our  Violette Lace dress -a MUST HAVE in my very bias opinion. All this and THAT belt avail now. Link in bio...if you dare... @Ashlie Johnson



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B2w2vxNhuIE Oh, you ask, why do I love Fall? Oh you didn’t ask? Well I’ll tell you anyway... SWEATER SETS AND BOOTS por vida! Link in bio 🧡 @New York & Company



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B2uS3OpBWpu What inspires me? THIS. HER. LA CALLAS. Wait for it at the end. How she takes it all in and it almost feels like she’s saying “you’re welcome” to the audience instead of “thank you.” Maria Callas Forever for me ❤️