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@garyvee 28 minutes ago

B5G35dGgIb0 Get the poison ☠ out. Man this is almost hard to watch 😭 😭 😢 when my voice cracks you know I’m in deep! I love you guys so fucking much, now go love yourself !!!! ❤🧡💛💚❤❤💜💜💜❤🧡💛💛❣💕💕💞💓💓



@garyvee 8 hours ago

B5GBFfigD82 Don’t get it confused kids! You don’t have to be a dick, destroy people on the way up, fake it to you make it, win at all costs... There’s a ton of ways to be a winner and they can come in the form of someone who values #kindness #empathy #compassion #warmth #consideration and still values #winning #workethic #candor #grit #determination H/T @gbeloved for the epic design



@garyvee 11 hours ago

B5FshLTg-bR You don’t know how to talk because you didn’t spend any time listening! This goes for TikTok to LinkedIn and every platform in-between. Great 👂ears leads to great 👄talking



@garyvee 23 hours ago

B5EYPiSA7yq Tomorrow is Wednesday and I want to make it #WonderfulWednesday soooooo here is a thought starter, consider these as something to do tomorrow!



@garyvee 1 day ago

B5EDvIEgV58 When you understand your fear clearly you can adjust your behaviors



@garyvee 1 day ago

B5DcLs9AmOb Read this twice! Your own audacity is leading to you being let down! Remind yourself, “who the fuck are you” and keep asking yourself that, no matter your success or power, Humility is the strength and the leader to happiness



@garyvee 1 day ago

B5DHXVSg19A Your flex on the gram aint fooling the truth



@garyvee 2 days ago

B5BvaBIgwe4 Attention of the end consumer is the ambition! Whether you entertain them or educate them or just love them back, building a real relationship with your audience is the ambition of every human or business trying to achieve something! Whether you are @goldlink or @kyliejenner this needs to be the strategy



@garyvee 2 days ago

B5BWYBZAyAq Expectations are poison ☠️ I’m desperate to get people to consider the audacity of expectations, we need so much more humility in the business world, let alone life. I listen to people complain in DM, in the office, text (1-212-931-5731) and so much of it is based on their expectations of others. So many lack the simple characteristics of empathy to consider maybe the world 🌍 doesn’t revolve around you or at least not at this moment. Too much expectations from many who have no leverage in the first place and are looking for something from that person in the first place. How can you expect when you are asking for something in the first place !!!!!! Perspective up! More humility less audacity



@garyvee 2 days ago

B5A3PgYgc5f So much sadness being created by people who use parents money or credit cards to act like “they are living large” instead of living large in a different way! Living large is living with happiness of what you earned not trying to impress the outside with things you haven’t



@garyvee 2 days ago

B5Ah9XVgkBI Let’s make this a Monday morning or action: who’s willing to commit to make this happen? Please watch this and either say, yes I will or leave a comment about what results you’ve gotten from this move



@garyvee 3 days ago

B4-l8gvgUHk Of course 😂



@garyvee 3 days ago

B4-GM-7gV1R YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIME #sundayvibes 🌞 ☀️



@garyvee 4 days ago

B48kYWfAxMZ I’ll keep spittin’ it. I’m just hoping one day you’ll jump in



@garyvee 4 days ago

B477pGPg04H Saturday tactics for the kids in the back



@garyvee 4 days ago

B47iQy1A3oa Stunned by how much envy and jealousy is in the system. I see a lot of fake happiness out here! Remember everyone, you don’t know what’s happening in someone’s life, they maybe on a private jet but their child might have a terminal illness, they maybe walking on the beech in a fancy resort but their mother might have just passed away, they maybe in a Ferrari but their siblings won’t speak to them anymore! Don’t envy, focus on your happiness, not someone’s else potential happiness



@garyvee 4 days ago

B46L8rXgtMj Some thoughtful convo on a Friday night, pop abottle of @empathywines and sit and really watch this and please leave a comment with your take on this in depth convo



@garyvee 5 days ago

B45umCSgVRT We out here winning! Tag someone who needs to see this epic creativity! Thoughts?



@garyvee 5 days ago

B45PMcTgIT3 The truth! Believe in yourself :)



@garyvee 5 days ago

B443vf3gogR I’m so happy so many are being liberated to actually go back to posting what they like instead of what they know or think will get likes. That said it’s on us to realize it’s our own insecurities and lack of self esteem and “keeping up with the joneses and overvaluing other people’s judgement” that is the real thing to attack! Today it’s Instagram, tomorrow it’s something else and then something else then something else. We need to work on our mindset not our apps! ♥️



@garyvee 6 days ago

B43bDrcAa9H If you pick up some @empathywines pls leave a comment with how many and which ones - thank you and I love you guys



@garyvee 6 days ago

B43ACYfgT3K I’m about that free life - put in a little extra work and find your answers for FREE!



@garyvee 6 days ago

B42lakKAfii Who’s downloaded the deck? If so, what did u think? Leave comments so everyone can see and get a preview



@garyvee 6 days ago

B42PlgvggHG My gift to you! Link in my bio to the full deck! Download it - print it - own it - Pass it on but most of all consume it and put it into action: this gift took 100’s or hours to put together and I genuinely think it’s a true gift! I hope you enjoy it! Tag 3 friends who need marketing help, that’s what you can do for me :)



@garyvee 6 days ago

B4084xbAQXL Hahahahah soooo tomorrow I turn 44 but way more importantly I have a gift for you guys! I’m dropping my gift to all of you at 8:30am ET (set your alarms and mark your calendars 📆) it will be on GaryVaynerchuk.com at 8:30am! I’m posting at 8:30am tomorrow here on insta with a reminder but some won’t see it with the algorithm so pls set your alarms



@garyvee 1 week ago

B40ehkXg3K9 Yes culture is the culture Do culture is the culture It’s time we start acting and stop debating. Life is life when it’s lived not when it’s pondered and over thought. My friends... pls start living



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4z_XFegC1f For anyone who leaves a comment that doesn’t agree with this, please try it for a few weeks / months and let me know. Also for those who claim they’ve been “walked over” for their kindness pls realize you’re in control and make sure you ask yourself was it “kindness” or were you manipulating an outcome? Kindness is the unlock 🔐



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4zq-SPgCNQ Stop 🛑 convincing! Too many people when they have something new or progressive spend 90% of their time trying to convince a perspective client or user.. I have a slightly different POV and it’s the one I took with launching a e-commerce business in 1996 and a social media agency in 2009 ect ...



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4yWLJWAsOj This Question from a recent keynote I gave in Jersey is something I see a lot of you dealing with as you scale, I’m excited cause I know several of you are about to get something you needed at the right time! Tag someone who has a recent business and could use this tip :



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4x5gW8A8N5 Life is how you “see it” I just challenged myself for the last 4 minutes before this post to think about things in a negative way, I have 9713 things going on and if I choose to look at them from an entirely different angle I can easily get sad and anxious, in fact it’s wild to me how easily and quickly I was able to get to a feeling I don’t enjoy! My friends #perspective is the key to life! Let me promise you, if you choose to see “bad” “dark” “ugly” It’s very easy, if you choose to see “light” “love” “good” it’s very easy! So much of this has to do with DNA, parenting and who you spend time with, this is where I come in, I’m willing to push and push until the end to help so many people see the > instead of the <



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4xaokRA7ch Casual sports locks 🔐 while getting ready for the @pencilsofpromise gala the other day. I have so much love for @pennstatefball because of @tyler and I’m obsessed with a lot of their talent but I just see @gophersports taking this one ... and so ... that’s how we do it



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4xF2ufAudA Listen we all do it differently, you don’t have to go super duper ridiculously hard like I did in my 20’s you don’t have to do it the way your parents want you to, you don’t have to do it the way you’ve been doing it, they key is knowing there are so many ways to do it, so many and knowing yourself and being thoughtful and patient is the foundation! Go do you!



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4vz34pAB1O Enough of this fear around turning 30! It must stop! Tag someone who needs this! A very important topic that needs complete reframing in society



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4vcUeuARfI This is a subtle but massively important statement, too many think this is black and white to me it’s super grey, u can be accountable and still love yourself ... walk that fine line pls



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4u0wBeARd5 When you live for “them” they may be happy in the beginning but ultimately if you live the life your parents want or demand of you it will lead to serious resentment. Please do yourself and your parents a huge favor and live your life, whether you’re successful in your field of choice or not, your happiness will be much deeper and most of all as the years go on your relationship with your parents will be better! Parents want what’s best for their kids but that comes from their perspectives and their environment, by the time a child hit real life it’s a different world and that’s often difficult for parents to predict, parents have a challenge to lean into their child’s happiness versus perceived success in society but it is a chlwmege they must all face and push! PS: even if the story above ended with the T shirt store failing that child and those parents would have a happier life and a better relationship and ultimately I know that’s what everyone wants, no parents would choose a child becoming a doctor or lawyer or entrepreneur but in turn resenting their parents to force them into it and end up with a broken relationship!



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4ua_tEAfSs Some sounds for a #mondaymorning Sometimes Monday can be tough so a little 😂 😂 😂 doesn’t hurt! Reply with your favorite sound



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4s0YUGAx4c Remember to take account of who’s throwing shade ;)



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@garyvee 1 week ago

B4sC3poAYnE Good morning everyone, happy Sunday ☀! Thought this video might be interesting to start today with, often my energy or even my words can create a little confusion, I see it in many others and always felt it about hip hop and other music, many miss a message because of the way it’s delivered, the incredible part of social is the ability to create a lot of content and at times create nuances and clarity! It’s on me to make sure the content speaks clearly not on the audience to fully understand it, I genuinely think this clip is clarity and more importantly I think it’s a very and I mean very important message! I hope you Enjoy! PS: Fuck the Giants 🏈



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4qfhYmg1RQ When everyone has a proper relationship with time the world will become a much happier place. I am very passionate in getting this sadly unique message into the world. The world is struggling and thinking its running out of time. I have personally watched people in their mid 70’s adjust their mindset and enjoy decades of happiness, so you can imagine my frustrations and passions to help 20’s,40’s and 60’s to understand they can start the process right now! Reply with your age .... lets light up the comments PS: I turn 44 next week 11/14 .. oh and I have a gift to all of you



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4qEmjMgRsY Instagram pls focus on the words here, this is for Youtubers but also matters for all platforms and all storytellers and creators @_fatimademe



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4peZKrAbaI If they’re taking time to consume your content and leave poison in the comments their life is broken, when you read their hate don’t take it in and feel bad for you, take it in and feel bad for them. I have compassion, sympathy, empathy for the “hate” I wish them peace and happiness. I’m running 🏃 on my path ..I can’t hear the hissssing from the snakes 🐍 on the grass on the sides, I’m too busy focused on the finish line 🏁



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4oF4QdAM8b Someone asked me what happens when you have loved a lot of things but want to try something else cause your burned out from those things! My answer is don’t confuse “like” and “love” I love ❤ my process, I want you to love ❤ yours



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4ngAdfgezQ The 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 biggest truth. Accountability feels powerful, blame feels helpless. Control feels good



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4nK8aMAH2e This man was drafted ahead of Kevin Durant... injuries derailed his career, many of you have been derailed early with debt, lack of patience, trying to impress others instead of yourself ... watch this ...



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4m231cAO4T Self awareness is the unlock, not your parents’ opinions, not my “hot take” not your delusional wishes, no a good look in the mirror is the 🔐



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4lZ87rA8oS Why aren’t you making?



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4k-QlxAATe Wish I could get more to understand this, will just keep speaking my truth. My friends don’t worry about the haters, Worry for them



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4kmjMNAcNd We need to get into YES culture. Pls try this today



@garyvee 1 week ago

B4kN1k9AZFA Less Manipulation and more Concentration on actually giving! Hard to be “taken advantage of” when you didn’t have expectations 🤔