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@henrycavill 14 hours ago

B5xp3eLhf1A If you don't like the meats....look away now. I went out for a little more culture last night and found the best steak I've ever had!! Genuinely.... I don't need to post this, I just feel like I should. The steak in Argentina is absolutely incredible...... I had a 600 gram filet mignon and didn't slow down once throughout. That coupled with some mega good malbec, made it a dinner I will not forget! Then I got to meet the people responsible for the legendary hunk of meat in the kitchen of El Mirasol (that's the restaurant). This fella here clearly thinks I'm great. Couldn't cross my wrists for Heliotrope but maybe some Quen would give me the edge! #BuenosAires #Argentina #ElMirasol #Steak #TheWitcher



@henrycavill 1 day ago

B5vwEcmBYCJ About last night...... 'Twas my first night ever in Argentina so thought I might check out some of what makes you guys so special, and I found at least part of it! Argentine Tango is b.e.autiful! And the dancers, musicians and singers at Café de Los Angelitos had me enthralled. Couldn't help but wonder that if Geralt never ended up being a monster hunter, would he have been an Argentine Tango dancer??? #Argentina #BuenosAires #CafeDeLosAngelitos #TheWitcher #TangoGeralt



@henrycavill 1 day ago

B5u-dEgB1Uj Woke up this morning with some thoughts. As you know, I love me some country and Chris Janson says it best in this song. LA left me with some Good Vibes! Thank you to Mr Janson for putting it so perfectly and thank you to all of you for making this trip an unforgettable experience! So, Goodbye LA and Hello Buenos Aires!! Oh and for anyone wondering where those fancy trousers and that snazzy plum jacket come from? They were both put together by the master artisans at Huntsman of Savile Row. Best I've ever worn! @TheChrisJanson #TheWitcher @HuntsmanSavileRow #LA #BuenosAires #Argentina



@henrycavill 2 days ago

B5tgjDFBgdb I clearly knew where I was going while at the Rich Eisen show! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone there for being such wonderful hosts once again. I'm looking very forward to coming back! PS Rich, It was lovely to meet your fantastic mum too! @RichEisen @RichEisenShow #TheWitcher



@henrycavill 2 days ago

B5sfAgABi6m Gwynbleidd #TheWitcher



@henrycavill 4 days ago

B5oVazWB_wm This is Ailbhe Lemass, she has been the lady in charge of my face for quite a few years now. She even groomed The Kingstache! She also expects a dance every time she does my touch ups, as you can see. She's very demanding.... Jacqui Rathore, who you will meet later, did my hair.....as you can see, she's very good. Jeans by 7 for all mankind Shirt by John Varvatos The Belt, I got 900 years ago and never found one better. Don't know where it's from 🤷🏻‍♂️ #WitcherPressTour #TheWitcher #LA @AilbheLemass @RathoreJacqui #JohnVarvatos #7ForAllMankind



@henrycavill 6 days ago

B5iZinaBdYq Thought I might break out some old fashioned memories using actual photos!! Luke Evans and I met on Immortals quite a few years ago (as you can see!) and immediately got along. They say that everyone from Wales can sing.....this is definitely not true...I've heard some things,....Luke, on the other hand, most definitely can!! So well in fact, that he's just released an album called At Last. I've been playing it for the past few days and it's genuinely really good. It's a recommended buy from me! Congratulations old friend! You did it :). @TheRealLukeEvans #AtLast #Immortals



@henrycavill 2 weeks ago

B5GWnS9B_rV The White Wolf The Swallow The Obsidian Star Are you ready? #Geralt #Ciri #Yennefer #TheWitcher #Netflix



@henrycavill 2 weeks ago

B5DLFUXB30I Check out the latest Men's Health this month where I lounge, splash, chill and throw cards....yes, you heard it right, I will be throwing cards. You lucky things you. The most exciting thing about this issue however, is that the masterful trainer Dave Rienzi joins us to help explain some of my training techniques throughout the filming of the Witcher! Thank you, Mr Rienzi, for your time and your knowledge! @DaveRienzi Magazine: @menshealthmag Photographer: @wattsupphoto Author: @brianraftery EIC: @richdorment Fashion Director: @tedstaffordstyle Grooming: @rathorejacqui & @ailbhelemass



@henrycavill 3 weeks ago

B42Y_m4hLCx As you may have heard, Season 2 of The Witcher has been announced! To mark the occasion I thought I'd share one of my favourite shots from my Season 1 personal collection. #Geralt #TheWitcher #Season2 #Netflix



@henrycavill 1 month ago

B4ca-M5BIuE Kal rocking some Huntsman Tweed in the Huntsman club, during one of my fittings at their tailoring house on Savile Row today. He's looking mighty chuffed about it too... #HuntsmanHound #Kal #Huntsman



@henrycavill 1 month ago

B4W2HebhxVT Today. is. the. day. The final of the rugby world cup! England V South Africa! Let's go lads!!!!! #England #Rugby #RWC2019 #OwenFarrell #SouthAfrica



@henrycavill 1 month ago

B4SdLXdBRBP The White Wolf cometh. @Netflix @WitcherNetflix #TheWitcher #WhiteWolf #Gwynbleidd #HappyHalloween



@henrycavill 1 month ago

B4E2qMih-Bn Half time for the biggest match of the Rugby World Cup 2019 so far!! England Vs New Zealand. England have come out swinging!!! Everything to play for still. The All Blacks (New Zealand) are always dangerous.....and so are we. C'Mon England!!! #England #Rugby #RWC2019 #NewZealand



@henrycavill 1 month ago

B3wtlFkBnX8 I'm back! And I'm in Shanghai! I had the good fortune of attending the Hugo Boss Pre-Fall 2020 fashion show and got to rub shoulders with the likes of Mark Langer, Chun Wu and the designer himself Ingo Wilts. And yes this was a work event but, genuinely, every time I come to Shanghai it leaves me wanting more. I can't wait to get back here on my own time and enjoy the city and all it has to offer. Thank you China and thank you Hugo Boss for being such wonderful hosts once again. See you when I see you next! #Shanghai #China #BOSSeyewear #BOSSlovesShanghai @BOSS #sponsored



@henrycavill 2 months ago

B2tcvxOB1XK ENG v TGA England V Tonga Rugby World Cup C'mon England!!! #Rugby #England #WearTheRose #RWC2019



@henrycavill 2 months ago

B2dE3Lxh8DJ As you may have previously noted, my sunglasses from BOSS eyewear have been useful for both staring directly at the sun AND into the rain. Autumn is upon us and winter is c....almost here too. So, come rain or shine, the BOSS eyewear Autumn/Winter collection may just serve you well! Enjoy! Disclaimer: Don't stare directly at sun. I may get my powers from there, but you will probably do some damage. @BOSS #BOSSEyewear #Sponsored



@henrycavill 2 months ago

B2VNL6EBfOt Perfect weather everyday for getting to work on the bike! Love iiiiit! And a huuuuuge thank you to Ducati USA for lending me my hands down favourite bike while I'm out here! #PanigaleV4S #DucatiUSA @DucatiUSA



@henrycavill 2 months ago

B2KgNKpB565 Leaving Phoenix after having had a truly enlightening experience watching extraordinary women grace us with their hard work and dedication on stage in a professional bodybuilding competition. When I say it was enlightening, I mean it has changed my perspective on what a body can look like. To see the level of commitment to creating their own personal works of art using their bodies was remarkable. And yet, for me, the show was all about watching the exceptional Dany Garcia on stage and seeing her flawless grace of movement and personality during a period of time where the body and mind is taxed beyond what we would consider bearable. Dany, you are one of a kind. Truly truly. @danygarciaco



@henrycavill 3 months ago

B2FGkCFBUXh It's a chilly 95 degrees here in Phoenix today and its Red Friday! so I thought I might break out my real Chiefs gear! Go Chiefs! #RedFriday @Chiefs



@henrycavill 3 months ago

B1orxEZBp2S It's International Dog day today and Kal is the most international dog that I know!! We had a dog Day afternoon in the warm weather today. After a short walk of course. He's a little legend, my hound. I'm the luckiest man alive to have him in my life. #Kal #InternationalDogDay Edit: Total lie. HE had a dog Day afternoon, I went and worked my ass off(on?) In the gym and at my desk 💁🏻‍♂️. We're cool though, we have a good deal, he works the night shift with all the guard doggery stuff. He's amazing at LOOKING like he's sleeping, though. He even fake snores.



@henrycavill 3 months ago

B1Q_F3YBijU Taking on The Druids (Wales) on their home turf today! No pints for me sadly, but who needs pints when you've got a bucket of rugby induced adrenaline! Come on England!!!! #Rugby #England #WALvENG #CarryThemHome #WearTheRose



@henrycavill 3 months ago

B1KIxr5hMSK Just finished some ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) for The Witcher and had the good fortune to wear my special ADR sunglasses (not true) which are from BOSS Eyewear (totally true). If you look closely you might see some secret details from the show in the reflection.....or you might just see my phone. Which means double me, which may, or may not, be a good thing 🤷🏻‍♂️ #BOSSEyewear @BOSS #TheWitcher



@henrycavill 3 months ago

B1EHNgjBpb2 Riding around on my Ducati yesterday, had me thinking of one of my other favourite steeds. The mighty Hector. I miss you big fella! #Hector #Friesian @laca_juhasz_



@henrycavill 3 months ago

B1CioFDBvr9 Ughhhhh. I love this bike!! The folks at Ducati let me borrow it to try it out and it has definitely placed as my new #1! Thank you Ducati. @DucatiUK #Ducati #PanigaleV4S



@henrycavill 4 months ago

B0oXzOGht-l Oh you know, just casually sailing a yacht around the coastal waters of Acciaroli. We're brewing a little something here at No1 Rosemary water. Watch this space! #No1RosemaryWater #No1Botanicals @No.1RosemaryWater @No.1Botanicals #Acciaroli #Italy



@henrycavill 4 months ago

B0kbv5yFjo4 Early morning run in Acciaroli #FastedCardio #Acciaroli #Italy



@henrycavill 4 months ago

B0ayQX2B5o2 My fellow croucher in this photo is my friend Kenneth Rocafort! From comic book fame, no less! And that handome fellow behind us is one of 40 gorillas on Durrell's new Go Wild Gorilla Trail! This one was painted by the mighty Kenneth himself. However, many other artists also graced us with their talents to paint the Gorillas that populate the Gorilla Trail which will guide visitors, and locals alike, around the island on a path of conservation enlightenment. Go Wild Gorillas' primary task is to raise funds so that they can build our family of Western Lowland Gorillas a new and even more fantastic home at Jersey Zoo. Find out more by following the link in my bio. Animal fact incoming: The Western Lowland Gorilla is one of a group of animals that has a triplet of a name in Latin. Which is divided into Genus, Species and Subspecies it is quite simply Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla. Boom. Knowledge. Go forth. #GoWildGorillas @GoWildGorillas @Durrell_JerseyZoo @mitografia_kr



@henrycavill 4 months ago

B0HVIWQBhAr Fresh from the forges of Netflix and the tempering fires of Hall H in San Diego! Enjoy it my friends, for it is only a taste of what is to come. #TheWitcher #Geralt #Yennefer #Ciri @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 4 months ago

Bz-sPAQB2-X The road to San Diego is long. The good news is, on her worst day, Roach beats the company of Men, Elves, Gnomes and even Dwarves. She's not always easy, but she knows more than most and cares just enough to be the only kind of company worth enjoying. #Roach #SDCC #ComicCon @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzivReABBHv While wearing Boss Sunglasses not only can I stare directly into the sun, I can also stare directly into the rain!! Thank you BOSS Eyewear Disclaimer: Do NOT stare directly into the sun (or the rain for that matter) only those afforded superpowers or various mutations can risk doing this. @BOSS #BOSSEyewear #ThingsYouCanDoWearingSunglasses #Ad



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYIMD_B6bu Yennefer #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYIKHQhtCK The Obsidian Star #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYIH8XhMai Sorceress #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYIE_xBtyY Geralt #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYIDV7BzPp Gwynbleidd #TheWhiteWolf #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYIBwdBjGE Witcher #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYH_cfBgAm Cirilla #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYH-IvhnOK Zireael #TheSwallow #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYH6lKBDnK Princess #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzYHGsohxWx #TheWitcher @Netflix @WitcherNetflix



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzUD0tzhlFN Was trying out a different pair of my Boss sunglasses while in Hawaii. What do you all think? #BOSSEyewear @BOSS #Hawaii #Ad



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzRcdUUBV9o Spending some time in a familiar place where Kal is usually around, it's just not the same without him. #Kal #AmericanAkita



@henrycavill 5 months ago

BzO27TzhSGR Very excited to play a character as fantastic as Sherlock Holmes and very very fortunate to be working with Millie Bobby Brown! Millie, I will see you back in London soon sis! @MillieBobbyBrown #EnolaHolmes #SherlockHolmes



@henrycavill 5 months ago

By0x6s4B_Te Having a little flashback to my days in Budapest on The Witcher and found this photo. I like it because it shows that it doesn't take huge weights everyday to achieve results. I was doing everything I could in a busy busy schedule to try and get something in, whenever I could. During this period I learned that it's not the weight that matters, it's the workout. So if you're shy about going to the gym because there is always someone next to you using mahoosive weights, don't be. You do your weights, just make every workout count. You might end up looking better than the fella or lady next to you that's using those heavy weights. I also wanted to give a massive shout-out to Adam at Flex Gym. Adam went out of his way to help make sure I could get some training in, no matter the time of day or night, he'd open the gym so I could throw some weights (big or little!) around. Thank you my friend. I hope to see you soon! @FlexGymBudapest #YouDoYou #GymStuff



@henrycavill 6 months ago

ByIlWVGBFZ6 Genuinely love this horse #Hector



@henrycavill 6 months ago

ByIlGpLhGK0 Perfect day out with Laszlo, Hector (my horse) and Pablo (Laszlo's horse) today. A great way to say goodbye to Hungary. #Friesian #Hungary



@henrycavill 6 months ago

ByGCK0pBYeN Season 1 of The Witcher has finally come to an end. And although I'm pulling a face here it has been an incredible journey! The cast and crew worked tirelessly throughout, everyone pitched in and brought their A game to set and I couldn't be more proud of you all. Speaking of my immediate team. Jacqui, Ailbhe and Leah are consummate professionals who worked extraordinary hours to bring the Witcher to life, they were non stop improving adjusting and evolving Geralt throughout. Thank you ladies for making this journey a good one. All of those 3 am wake ups were worth it! #GeraltofRivia #TheWitcher #Season1



@henrycavill 6 months ago

Bx4r7wWBDbp Allow me to explain.....yesterday, while I was in hair and make up and Kal was in his usual place, sitting by the open door watching the world go by, a brave member of the house cat species, decided to venture close...totally unbeknownst to me. After hearing the initial explosion of noise as Kal launched himself from the trailer. I was up and out of my seat, doing my best not to send my surprised make up artist, Ailbhe, flying. My feet hit the ground outsider the make-up trailer to the chorus of various pleas for Kal to stop. What ensued was a chase to rival the likes of the Helicopter chase in Mission Impossible. Cat versus Dog, Dog versus every single obstacle the cat managed to place in-between it and my charging hound. Walls, fences, hay bails, pigs and people. Hot on their heels and trying to judge which direction they would go next so I could intercept Kal, I zigged when I should have zagged. Cat went left, I went right. Cat went into a barn and Kal followed. The next time I see Kal he has a mouthful of dirt, and a chest covered in mud. You'll be please to know that the cat made it free, but looked about 30 years older. Unfortunately my action dog, much like all the great action stars of our time, came out with an injury. A strained shoulder, which he is struggling to walk on. Last night I carried him to my room, which, while very cute looking, wasn't so practical. So today, I introduce Kal's newest ride, his royal chariot, I just hope he doesn't get too used to it. #ActionKal #KingKal



@henrycavill 6 months ago

BxdhYXGBOqo While in Jersey for the Durrell Challenge I had the good fortune to drive an Audi. The event being all about conservation and protecting our planet, I decided it was time to start taking the next step in my own journey to being a better man for the planet and going electric when I can. This was a great opportunity to try out the new e-tron from Audi! I enjoyed the car, and after finally adjusting to driving around in near silence I couldn't help but imagine a city being almost peaceful if it had all electric vehicles. It's all about taking little steps I reckon, as long as we are all trying, bit by bit to be better for our planet, we might just save her yet. Whether it's animal conservation, using electric vehicles, enabling biodiversity or reducing and ultimately eliminating our use of single use plastics, we can do our part in bringing our planet earth back into balance again. #Durrell #BioDiversity #Electric #Audi #ETron