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@piawurtzbach 11 hours ago

B5KndI1DgRC Getting ready for the UNAIDS. How do you like my butterfly sleeves? 💙 @MARK BUMGARNER



@piawurtzbach 2 days ago

B5FPB45DXQI Thai came. Thai saw. Thai conquered 😂 Thank you to my dream Thai glam team @nongchat & @alexandul 💙



@piawurtzbach 2 days ago

B5E6AKEDP4x Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s something about the holidays that effortlessly radiates positivity in me. So I’m crossing the week in style with my @UNIQLO Philippines Rayon Longsleeve Blouse and Easy Care Stretch Cropped Pants. Happy Wednesday everyone! 💙 #UniqloPH #LifeWear 📸 @magicliwanag



@piawurtzbach 4 days ago

B4_mlo4jW3a Never stop traveling, and never stop learning. 💙 To sum up this trip filled with a lot of cultural experiences and interacting with the locals, #Bangkok is and will always be a city close to my heart that I’ll never get tired of exploring. I’ve never told you about the time I lost during my second try in Binibining—this was the city I ran to. I think after some soul searching and temple visits, it gave me the “luck” and guidance to try one more time...and I guess it worked, yes? No matter how many times I’ve been here, this is the first time I’m featuring it in my travel show #PiasPostcards. You’ll get to see the temple fair and cultural village we visited. The highlight? I learned the traditional dance (watch out for it!) and also went to this authentic Thai resto where the phad thai was born. Sobrang sarap, guys. That’s why I’ve been serious in the gym to burn all the noodles I ate, haha. Can’t wait for this episode 😉



@piawurtzbach 6 days ago

B46i9lTDaWo Been walking around outdoors all day and I’m glad to be experiencing the intense but light feel after using the new Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Conditioner. It was such a treat for my hair—no more greasy and sweaty feeling. Try it! 💙 Get PHP75 OFF for all Cream Silk Hydra Fresh 300ml tubes in all participating stores. Check out the link in my IG bio for all the promo codes and stores you can redeem the promo at! 😉 @Cream Silk Philippines #IntenseButLight



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B46LYmHD2Jz Hair up in a bun kind of day 💙



@piawurtzbach 1 week ago

B44ozHODlhh New journeys, new blessings 🙏🏼



@piawurtzbach 1 week ago

B44CKmBjKJ4 Temple run 🙏🏼 Got to visit so many temples and participate in their activities here in Bangkok. More photos soon! Happy weekend everyone!



@piawurtzbach 1 week ago

B41JpgCDCf2 Sawasdee ka 🙏🏼 Back in my most visited city in the world. This time for #PiasPostcards 🇹🇭 @Metro Channel



@piawurtzbach 1 week ago

B4yU1wMD7Rp So little time, so much to do... London, you've been so good to me and I can’t wait to see you again. ♥️ #ElevateExperiences @Philip Stein Philippines



@piawurtzbach 1 week ago

B4pMTbuDue- Thanks, Demi! @demileighnp #AsSheIs Everyday, we all struggle to be comfortable with our imperfections. But today, I’m taking this picture to say hello to ME. Just me. No makeup. No glam team. No styling. And, I’m happy with what I see. 🤗 Life’s too short to be unkind to yourself. So treat your face and your body as an instrument, not an ornament. An instrument to inspire, uplift and encourage yourself and others who need it. 💙 Nominating my sisters @irismittenaeremf and @gazinii next ❤️❤️



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4llkpyDVYk Mid-twirl. Dance like no one is watching 💃🏽 #SSILIFE @Coach @SSI Life @Qurator Studio



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4kBpkpDd98 Sometimes, surprises come in the most unexpected ways. Taking the time to stop and think about the blessings I received, and the wonderful things coming my way. I'm so grateful and I can't wait for December. Is anyone getting the holiday feels already? 🥰



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4i66DJjGsf The loves of my life 💕 Swipe left to see Logan already being a jokester to his Ate Lara. 😂 i see he takes after you, @Sarah Alonzo Wurtzbach 😝✌🏼 @UNIQLO Philippines @Lara Alexandra Wurtzbach-Manze @Logan A D Wurtzbach-Manze



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4gpJOiDo9d You can’t make me move from this bench. 😂 #Germany, that was too quick. Didn’t want to leave yet. It’s almost back to reality in a few days but I’m glad that all this traveling is unhindered by a sore throat. P.S. Luckily, I have Difflam throat spray just in case. That little bottle can fit easily in your purse. 😉 #DifflamPH #DifflamWorksHardForYou



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4gMMGHDitD I was just telling Lara that Stuttgart, Germany was my last stop before competing in Bb. Pilipinas and winning Miss Universe in 2015, so I feel like this city brought me a lot of good luck. I hope it would bring her lots of blessings too whatever path she chooses in life when she grows up. But don’t grow up too fast little one. For now, let’s enjoy autumn, sitting in this park and playing with Barbie dolls, shall we? 💙 @Lara Alexandra Wurtzbach-Manze



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4dzS2hDAmy Sling bag from @📍PARIS ✔️ Coat to keep me warm all day ✔️ Good mood smile c/o @Center for Advanced Dentistry ✔️ Schlossplatz is definitely a place to linger and walk around in. Now let’s make a wish...💙



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4bs8RgjOey Check out what happens on set! 😉



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4bdPTTjizE The moment I wake up before I put on my make up 🎶 It’s no secret how much I love Olay’s Power Duo for the instant and lasting #GlowUp I need from morning to night. With the weather being so unpredictable, my skin is able to adapt and I no longer have to deal with bad breakouts and dry patches. It’s so easy to apply in the morning and keeps me radiant til night. Try it! ❤️ #Olay28DayChallenge #GlowUpMornings #OlayPhilippines @Olay Philippines



@piawurtzbach 2 weeks ago

B4ZJUj7jVYE Glad I brought @UNIQLO Philippines’s new JW Anderson lineup to my travels. 💙 I can wear this outfit all day and stay comfortable & fashionable! #BeRightBach...Lara and I will go sight seeing 😉 #UniqloPH #LifeWear



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4UEMsuDiUN Wonder Woman goes to #Germany 🇩🇪 No weapons or armor though! Not even Wonder Woman can stand a chance against airport security 😂 #HappyHalloween, Universe! Hope you had a blast. 💙 More pics on my Ig stories! Costume is custom made by @Christian Mark Rodil 😉



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4TjipvDKcM Surrounded by happiness 😊 we were supposed to shoot for #PiasPostcards in Mexico this week, but there’s been a change of plans and now I have the week off! Immediately took the chance to see my family and spend time with them ❤️ My mom had no idea I was going to Germany to meet them so her reaction was priceless! I’ll post her reaction video on my vlog soon 😂 @Sarah Alonzo Wurtzbach @Philip Stein Philippines @Lara Alexandra Wurtzbach-Manze @Logan A D Wurtzbach-Manze



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4R8nxwDhcZ Have you seen my latest vlog where @loveyourself.ph and I opened White House in Cebu and Oro Pia in Cagayan de Oro? Amidst the celebrations of their 10th Anniversary, I walked down the runway with an injured hand. Tried to cover it 'cause the show must go on!



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4QyoieDOfk Has anyone seen #Bacolod from up in the sky? 😍 A special treat to see this in #PiasPostcards...and so many more memorable experiences at this year’s MassKara festival. Truly one for the books! I’m so glad I stayed for five whole days - I learned how to make napoleones (so good!), and I had to stop myself from eating so much inasal, cansi & rice and street food in Lacson! Rice is life guys. 🙈 I can’t forget about the piaya - no kidding, it was so good, and I’m now a piaya convert 😂 So much for the food, I also got to design my own mask with the famous Jojo Vito for the festival, and covered the street dance competition, which was so nice to watch. The costumes were more than pageant national costume-worthy...and I picked up a few moves (haha) from watching them rehearse their routines. To cap it all off, the fireworks display was a really nice way to end the trip. This must be one of my favorite festivals to date...I need to go every year! Salamat gid, Bacolod. 💙💙💙 All this in #PiasPostcards soon...this episode is a MUST-SEE! Stay tuned 😘 Also a special thank you to @greggasataya @miss_maih for taking care of us during this trip!! #masskarafestival2019



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4MUHEvDpn3 Today’s office 😉 it’s one of those days when I feel like wearing light and carefree clothes. Whenever I feel that, I just gravitate to these ones from @UNIQLO Philippines #UniqloPH #LifeWear



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4MD6O8jFYv Nothing beats waking up and coming home to a place that makes you feel like a queen. 😉 Watch my latest campaign with @centuryproperties and discover why it’s a #HomeFitForaQueen



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4JOsNUjCDW Cooking in a gown and a pair of heels? Why not? I had fun at this shoot with @Century Properties. Check back tomorrow for the reveal! 😉



@piawurtzbach 3 weeks ago

B4FSHaEjMBl #Sunset Alert 🌇



@piawurtzbach 4 weeks ago

B4CJJSxDzZb Hard not to smile in the City of Smiles. Street parades, food fests, and lots of performers happening today until Sunday. Can’t wait to take part in these activities. Taping this colorful festival for #PiasPostcards...soon! ❤️ #MassKaraFestival2019



@piawurtzbach 4 weeks ago

B3_qm0_js5O Perfect #ThrowbackThursday post from my birthday vaca in Bali with the people I love! Let’s not wait for another 5 years for this to happen again. 💙 Swipe left for more pics and watch my latest vlog for the excitement that went down 😉 link in bio



@piawurtzbach 4 weeks ago

B3_LWHyjeiD I struggle on changing weathers when going abroad this season to visit family or even for some work engagements. Staying warm and comfortable even in extremely low temps has never been this easy thanks to @UNIQLO Philippines’s HEATTECH Ultra Warm Collection. Now, I'm even more excited to fix my travel plans this holiday season ❤️ #UniqloPH #LifeWear



@piawurtzbach 4 weeks ago

B39YL97D-oq Isn’t it amazing that after 14 years, we are hosting the SEA Games again?! I’m excited to be part of this milestone so let’s make history together, volunteers! Let’s make the best SEA Games yet! Which sport are you looking forward to the most? ❤️💙💛 #WeWinAsOne #AngSayaMagkaisa @2019 SEA Games Volunteers @30th South East Asian Games



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B36pV_MjU2r Squeeze the day! 🍊 And don’t forget to check out #ZaloraCovers @ZALORA Philippines in partnership with @Aquafina Philippines 💙 . . Creative Direction @EUGENE DAVID ​Photography @Charisma ​Makeup @Albert Kurniawan ​Hair @nantealingasa ​Styling @megmanzano Production Design @AdSet ​​Words @Maan



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B359b2AjJtX Can I just lay here today? 🙈 Check out #ZALORAcovers is out now. Link in bio. 😉 . . Creative Direction @EUGENE DAVID ​Photography @Charisma ​Makeup @Albert Kurniawan ​Hair @nantealingasa ​Styling @megmanzano Production Design @AdSet ​​Words @Maan ​Produced in partnership with @Aquafina Philippines@ZALORA Philippines



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B33nqH8jYe1 The only BS I need are a Bikini and the Sun! 😂 Take me Bach to Bali 💛



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B31i5PdDtH9 From one @loveyourself.ph event last night at GLAMM (the unity and showcase of talents was on another level - ang galing niyo!) to another, I'm deeply honored to be part of opening this Love Yourself satellite center in Cagayan de Oro last month. Thank you for naming it after me - Oro Pia. I'm really happy that we are expanding and reaching more cities and provinces where we can support one another and continue spreading awareness about HIV. Please come by - YOU are loved and welcome here 💙 hope to be back soon! P.S. It's my homecoming in CDO episode on #PiasPostcards tonight at 7pm on @metrochannelph. Hope you can catch it! Replay scheds in my bio 💙



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3yYmvBjP86 Now sissy that walk! 😉 See you at the GLAMM event tonight @covemanila. LGBTQI unite! 💙🌈



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3wDCVHDhQ7 This is how we roll... 🤫 Being here at the #MissUniverseSingapore competition has got me feeling all nostalgic. It’s an instant flashback to my pageant days... 💙 #MissUniverseSingapore2019 @Renz Pangilinan @PATTY ANG @Mickey See @Qurator Studio @LVNA By Drake Dustin



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3t0yKWDTv0 The Marina Bay Sands view always delivers! Such a beautiful backdrop for these lovely ladies who are competing tonight to be the next Miss Universe Singapore. Happy to see you all at last night's socials @VUE. Good luck! 💙 #MissUniverseSingapore #MissUniverseSingapore2019 #VUESingapore @Martin Bautista @Renz Pangilinan @Mickey See @Qurator Studio @Martin Bautista



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3s79fJDDt0 Even before the “selfie” was born, here’s my mom and I practicing our megawatt smile for the camera. To the woman who gave birth to me (and my sister Sarah), thank you for all that you are and all that you will be. You’ve taught me what sacrifice and hard work mean, and I’m just proud to call you my mom. Hope you like my little #ThrowbackThursday tribute...happy birthday! I’m gonna see you soon 😘



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3rFtJnDa4e Already have a few trips lined up this October and I am so ready for the Ber months with UNIQLO’s latest Hybrid Down collection! Got so excited I had to do a mini dress rehearsal at home...so how do I look? 😉 @UNIQLO Philippines #UniqloFallWinterPH #UniqloPH #LifeWear



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B3qu0O8Dzh2 That villa life 💛 Miss waking up in #Bali. Can we all go again?



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3lWxu0D5ff Xoxo 💋 Who here was a fan of Gossip Girl? Am I a Serena or Blair? #ootd



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3jYXzAjSjY #BeRightBach, NYC 🖤



@piawurtzbach 1 month ago

B3gz9Q0DG_B Real life besties for Bestea 💙 @Niña Almoro was my classmate in Culinary school, while I’ve known @Marie Pauleen Luna- Sotto even before she entered showbiz... Can’t wait for you guys to try our milktea flavors. Coming real soon! #bestea #letsbebesteas