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B5BOMrwAtSl You asked for it... Come with me if you want to lift is back @represent, plus the best phone case of all time. Link in bio.



B43Uf6UAJA1 One of the best documentaries of the year. The story of Paradise is devastating, but when I visited I also found hope in the heroic citizens and firefighters who showed the best of America. Link in my bio.



B4vLNjHgimy Thank you, thank you, thank you, to our veterans. #VeteransDay



@schwarzenegger 2 weeks ago

B4femI8ANP9 Proud to be the first four time @cigaraficionado cover model! On newsstands now.



@schwarzenegger 2 weeks ago

B4duDtmAWhM Hello Tokyo! Pumped up to meet my Japanese fans on the #terminatordarkfate world tour!



@schwarzenegger 2 weeks ago

B4deOwHgBUK It was fantastic to see my friend and one of my heroes @Greta Thunberg last week and go on a bike ride around Santa Monica together and I was so pumped to introduce her to my daughter Christina. Keep inspiring, Greta! @ChristinaAurelia



@schwarzenegger 2 weeks ago

B4Vqeiagh18 Finally back with my co-star, the original badass, Linda Hamilton. Go see #terminatordarkfate tonight. #FlashbackFriday



@schwarzenegger 2 weeks ago

B4VE1wpgPDT It’s the day after Judgment Day, and we got the old crew back together. Get your tickets for #TerminatorDarkFate now. Link in my bio.



@schwarzenegger 3 weeks ago

B4SqzCUAn6b 28 years later, Linda Hamilton, Jim Cameron and I are back. It was fantastic to reunite the original team with a great new cast for @terminator. Get your tickets now! Link in my bio. #terminatordarkfate



@schwarzenegger 3 weeks ago

B4F3ZyggzvZ It was fantastic to run into my old friend and a hero of mine @Jackie Chan 成龍 when I got back from the #terminatordarkfate world tour. A legend and an inspiration.



@schwarzenegger 3 weeks ago

B4DLPL2gB5F Me after a long day on set for T2. #FlashbackFriday



@schwarzenegger 4 weeks ago

B37MtUeFCwk We’ve got a new terminator in LA. #terminatordarkfate



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B35gQ7IAGs7 Without the fans, there is no movie, and no movie star. Thank you all for your reactions to our @terminator fan screenings, here in Korea and back in the United States. #terminatordarkfate



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B31egSkgKY8 Your #terminatordarkfate world tour wisdom for the day: Never take a nap when you land after a long flight. Go straight to the gym for a pump.



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3z0pXkAaLb Thank you to all our #terminatordarkfate fans in the UK! Korea, we are on our way!



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3xm9jWgThp I always love sightseeing historic spots on my bike rides around the world. And check out the fantastic sight I saw today. #terminatordarkfate



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3xGnqaAeJK #flashbackfriday to T2. Have you ever seen a machine look this good?



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3unAQ7Ae4r Watch the extended red band #terminatordarkfate spot now and get your ass to the theater November 1.



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3q7JTXgA5z Even machines need a pump to beat jet lag on the #terminatordarkfate world tour. @iamgabrielluna @terminator



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3pfEB2ArAs Kicked off the #terminatordarkfate tour with a quick pump right when we landed. Now I’ve earned this beautiful dessert. @Terminator: Dark Fate



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3NGGxmAwbD This is the character that changed my life. I’m so proud to be back for #TerminatorDarkFate and I’m happy that you can finally pre-order tickets today. Link in my bio.



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B3H49FegQlJ Happy birthday Joseph! Watching you graduate from college this year and seeing you follow your passions has been amazing. You are a fantastic son, and I can’t wait for our next training session. I love you. @Joseph Baena



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B269cvvgXUe Happy birthday Christopher, you are such a jewel. I have loved every minute of watching you grow up, you make me so proud every day and I can’t wait to see what you become. I love you!



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B25Bp7iA_Dm Happy birthday Linda! You have been such a fantastic friend and costar, and I’m so happy we are working together again. You are a true badass.



@schwarzenegger 1 month ago

B210-M1ANUV Having a fantastic time bike riding with my team all over DC, seeing all the monuments and visiting friends on the Hill.



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2pY2FkAuUs My good friend @eddiehallwsm, the strongest man in the world, was over the moon to meet you, @officialslystallone. Why does he make us look like little chickens?



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2j9caXA2Kp Good luck with Rambo this weekend, @officialslystallone. I loved it, and when it’s a hit I’m going to buy you a new knife to celebrate.



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2jqEbVAXmW Happy Birthday, @Patrick Schwarzenegger! It has been such a pleasure watching you grow as an actor, a businessman, and a person over the last 26 years. You are a true go-getter, I love to watch you hustle, and I hope you have a fantastic day. I love you.



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2esgSNg--u The Game Changers comes out today. I promise you that these elite athletes will blow your mind. Find a theater and see it tonight at the link in my bio.



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2W9-VkAEC1 I met David more than four years ago, when he showed me his short film “Kung Fury” and I laughed my ass off and told him if he ever made it a feature, I was in. Today we are having a great time together shooting the feature. His vision and his persistence inspires me, and I hope it inspires all of you. 📷: pablofrisk @David Sandberg



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2VLCOmA7UP I’m out of town shooting a movie so apparently Whiskey has taken over.



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2UaoK4AzSO A stunning number of Americans — more than 59 million — live under minority rule in a state where the party with fewer votes in the 2018 election nevertheless controls a majority of seats in the legislature. Link in my bio. #TerminateGerrymandering



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2R5Yh3A6nz Today we remember. We remember the victims, their families, and the heroes. We remember the way the country came together and stood as one. I will always remember visiting the first responders in New York less than a month later. I was there to help pump them up after their tragic, non-stop work. But they were the ones who inspired me. They were exhausted and they were in mourning, but they just kept going because they were serving a cause bigger than themselves. At Ground Zero, I saw them working through tears and hugged more heroes than I could count. At the three firehouses I visited, they just wanted me to work out and eat with them. And let me tell you: firefighters can cook. I ate one meal after another because I didn’t want to be rude, and when you have a chance to eat with your heroes, you never say no. I left that day with a stomach so full I was about to pop. But I also left with a full heart, because I saw the best of America. We must continue to honor the victims, we must hold up and thank the police, paramedics and firefighters for their heroism, and we must never forget. Never.



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2PSyWpA2dF I joined my friend and fellow Terminator @Gabriel Luna for a photoshoot with @menshealthmag. We had so much fun together and he looked fantastic. I can’t wait for you all to see us battling it out on November 1st. Link is in my bio. #terminatordarkfate



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2O89h3AbUb Are you ready? #terminatordarkfate



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2NVkFTAdW_ How many times have you heard Republicans talk about being pro-business? But now, when automakers plead with the administration that they don’t want the Stone Age standards the White House is fighting for, some Republicans aren’t acting very pro-business. This administration is even taking the extraordinary step of investigating four companies — Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen — that made an agreement with California to reduce their emissions. That agreement is another compromise, because California isn’t anti-business. And I guarantee you that more big carmakers will be joining those forward-thinking companies. How many times have you heard Republicans talk about security and public safety? When Americans are attacked or bridges collapse, we demand action. We know pollution sickens and kills hundreds of thousands; the administration’s own EPA says lowering the automobile standard will literally kill more people. Link is in my bio.



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B2MxG8YgwqG Business leaders — and Californians — know that you can’t just erase decades of history and progress by drawing a line through it with a Sharpie. It’s time the administration learns that lesson. My Hummers prove that you can turn any car into a clean machine. LINK IN BIO



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B1y_SfRA68f Franco, You’ve heard me say that I don’t like when people call me a self-made man. You’ve even heard me say that you’re part of the reason I could never accept that label. But I wanted you to know why. From the minute we met in Munich, you were my partner in crime. We pushed each other, we competed with each other, and we laughed at every moment along the way. When I finally got to America, I was alone. I’d left my family, my country, my whole life behind. So when I asked Joe Weider to bring you to train with me, it was because I knew I wasn’t the same without my best friend. I could thrive without money, without my parents, but I couldn’t thrive without you. I am devastated today. But I am also so, so grateful for the 54 years of friendship and joy we shared. The pumps, the chess games, the construction work, the meals, the pranks, the life lessons - we did it all together. We grew and we learned and we loved. My life was more fun, more colorful, and more complete because of you. I will always miss you. But I’ll also know that a part of you lives on in me, in Debbie, in Maria, and in the millions of people you inspired every day you lived. And I will be there for Maria and Debbie, so you can rest now with no worries. I love you Franco. I will always remember the joy you brought to my life, the advices you gave me, and the twinkle in your eye that never disappeared. You were my best friend. Love always, Arnold



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@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B1xUXC_As1E Do you believe in fate? #TerminatorDarkFate #JudgmentDay



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B1wWnIXgVsT Happy #JudgmentDay... Are you ready for what comes next? #TerminatorDarkFate



@schwarzenegger 2 months ago

B1rdVEiAtb4 It was fantastic to host Lieutenant General Joseph Osterman and Brigadier General Sean Salene at my office yesterday for a roundtable discussion on the intersection of Hollywood and the military. It is great to bring together these groups to make sure Hollywood is accurate, fair, and understanding of the challenges faced by our men and women in uniform and their families.



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B1bxFgLgW9m Ran into John Milius at Silicon Valley Comic-Con. Yes, I talked to him about his King Conan script.



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B1O-uU7AKkr Happy birthday to my dear friend, the great visionary @jamescameronofficial. As you know, @terminator changed my life, and I always love working with you, going on motorcycle rides together, and fighting for a clean energy future side by side. You are a big reason that I can never call myself self-made. This early storyboard you drew for Terminator reminds me of your big vision, and I cherish it.



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B1My4eEAIgK #TBT to checking on my back 3 days after that guy kicked me.



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B1E74zigY0E 🐘🐘It is #worldelephantday, so here’s a throwback to when my team and I were chased by a beautiful elephant on a safari in South Africa. We need to do all we can to preserve these beautiful animals - they are not trophies. If you think they are, you’ve obviously never won a real trophy.



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B06aFweAg-N Wow. Absolutely inspirational. I am so proud of you. You take “don’t be afraid of failure” to a whole new level! REPOST from @its.damiong: I finally faced my fear I can’t believe I actually swam on my own having Cerebral Palsy it’s really hard to swim by myself usually I’ll have someone help me swim but this time I wanted to do it all on my own 👏🏾 I’m so happy #explorepage



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B04S6uJgXj_ For more than five decades, you have been my training partner, my chess opponent, my best friend. Happy birthday @Franco Columbu Official, thank you for bringing so much joy to my life.



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B0onok2Arpk It was fantastic to join Governor @GavinNewsom and @CAL FIRE Official Instagram to see CA’s new firefighting aircraft. The best firefighters in the world deserve the best equipment in the world. And now they’ll have it. @Gavin Newsom



@schwarzenegger 3 months ago

B0Q6g4vgJ3d Schpatzl, you have the biggest heart and the sharpest mind. Happy birthday! When I think about the best moments of my life, you sleeping on my chest beats every movie premiere, every fundraiser, every contest. I’m so proud of you and I love you. @ChristinaAurelia