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B5L0lpaK_cy Happy anniversary ! Speidi is still going strong after so many years together 💞 @MTV @heidimontag @gunner stone @the hills



B4itrN7KMre VERY CAVALLARI | NEW SEASON | JANUARY 9 @E! Entertainment @Kristin Cavallari @Very Cavallari



B4QlVC1KM0Y P. S. Guess who is single again? 🤔 @Brody Jenner



B4C__1sgSc6 Ok Cody Simpson just won The Masked Singer show over in Australia with Lindsay Lohan guessed him right @Cody Simpson @the hills



B32Q-ySo9G8 So I have used this app to see who The Hills cast look alike and those are the results, swipe left to see the results, apparently Justin Bobby and Heidi look like Jennifer Aniston 😅 who do you think is the most similar? @Audrina Patridge @Whitney Port @Brody Jenner @heidimontag @Kaitlynn Carter @Brando 💍 @Mischa Barton @Stephanie Pratt



B3zLE4zIxqy Cody Simpson is currently in talks with Mtv about being part of the second season of @the hills reboot, would you like to see him on the show? @MTV @Cody Simpson



B3xoIkkoumZ That moment where Ashley rewrote the history of award show had me shook #whatamoment @MTV @ @the hills



B3sIHBuoRgw Audrina Patridge has begun a new romance. The Hills: New Beginnings star is casually dating actor Josh Henderson, PEOPLE has confirmed. “It’s not serious right now,” a source tells PEOPLE. “But they have known each other for years.” What do you think? 👀 @Audrina Patridge @Josh Henderson @the hills



B3aY7hOIOfv BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Lauren Conrad that welcomed her second child — a baby boy — with husband William Tell on Tuesday, Oct. 8. 💙 Son Charlie Wolf Tell — whose first and middle names have family ties — was born weighing 8 lbs., 9 oz., and measured 20 inches. 👣 @Lauren Conrad @the hills



B3VRp4koh54 Whitney Port and Speidi ended their feud, yes I know you are wondering did they have something going on? Yes but it's all good for now 🙃 Check out the stories to find out what happened 👀 @MTV @Whitney Port @heidimontag @the hills



B3NTVvJIkiq Lauren second child due time is almost there 👶 @MTV @Lauren Conrad @the hills



B3C6OEHIEzE How cute is @gunner stone 😍 @MTV @the hills



B22FNXLoiEu Did you catch @Kristin Cavallari at the Emmys last night, she looked gorgeous 😍 @Emmys / Television Academy @Very Cavallari @the hills



B2sP5AvIYBu 🚨🚨🚨 Ok this is a black and white photo of Miley and Kaitlynn, and you know why? Well apparently their romance is part of the past because according to @people they just broke up 💔, but still good friends. What do you think? @Kaitlynn Carter @Miley Cyrus @the hills



B2mfxhWIFPs Speidi reached 10 years of marriage but do not forget recently also Lauren Conrad and her hubby William Tell they've reached another milestone in their life. Namely, their fifth anniversary! Congrats @Lauren Conrad 👏💞 @MTV @the hills



B2cBsHuoCVi Happy Birthday 🎂 @heidimontag turning 33 today 🎉



B2U2Ij6otQv You may like them or not but their bond is so strong 10 years of marriage and still



B12DJ_Doqks Can we just talk about the fact that it is more than 2 years since the last time @Whitney Port and @Lauren Conrad spoke to each other, they were so close back in the days 🙄 " We spoke, honestly, the last time right around when our sons were both born…They’re, like, three weeks apart. So we talked around then, but we haven’t chatted since then (July 2017) " Whitney Port @the hills



B1rXahqovAS Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter attended the #vmas after party together, fun to know Brody Jenner and his new flame Josie Canseco attended the same party.. 🤫 @MTV @Brody Jenner @Kaitlynn Carter @👻 @Miley Cyrus @the hills



B1hgjqFoCXZ What is your Favorite tweet from the last episode? 😂😂😂 @Lauren Conrad @Whitney Port @Brody Jenner @heidimontag @Kaitlynn Carter @Stephanie Pratt @the hills



B1XDW3xomv1 Miley Cyrus had a matching tattoo with her allegedly new romance Kaitlynn Carter, plus the singer just introduced Kaitlynn to her mom Tish 👀 are things getting serious or is it just good PR? @MTV @Kaitlynn Carter @Miley Cyrus @the hills



B1SDB-nIa9J The most truthful storyline of this season



B1Mz6tuoC3h 😮 Whitney Port Says She Turned Down a One-Night Stand With Leonardo DiCaprio Because She Was Too Nervous. Whitney Port has one regret -- and she's sharing what it is now. The Hills: New Beginnings star chatted with her best friend, Andrea Cuttler, on her With WHIT podcast released earlier this week, where she revealed that she almost had a one-night stand with Leonardo DiCaprio. "I have been dying to tell people this story for ages! I feel like whenever I tell it to friends, no one believes me," Port excitedly said, before explaining that in 2009, she and Cuttler were at New York City's Avenue club when -- after meeting Rihanna -- DiCaprio came up to her and they exchanged phone numbers. Port then said that she and DiCaprio texted for six months, only reuniting once during that time. "He invited me out to Teddy's and he invited me back over to his house, and I said no," she revealed. "I was too nervous. I had never had a one-night stand. I didn't want to be with him alone." "I was way too nervous to do it and then I lost my chance and it’s really one of my bigger regrets in life," she added. "If you didn't think I was cool, now you probably do." "I wonder if he would remember that we had this relationship," Port said. The two besties then reminisced on what could have been her life had she gone over to the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star's place. Nowadays, Port is happily married to Tim Rosenman. The two got married in 2015 and have a 2-year-old son named Sonny. Meanwhile, DiCaprio is currently dating model Camila Morrone. @MTV @Whitney Port @Leonardo DiCaprio @the hills



B1H6r-lokFR Whitney Port is interviewing Kaitlynn Carter live on her episode of WITH WHIT this Thursday at 6 pm at the Grove. Any questions? I have a lot 😏 @MTV @Whitney Port @the hills



B1Hfyzto6PT 🚨Brody Jenner Is Dating Victoria's Secret Model Josie Canseco After Kaitlynn Carter Split. The pair met during a The Hills press stop in New York City where they were introduced by 35-year-old Brody's co-stars Frankie Delgado and Brandon Thomas Lee. TMZ is reporting that Josie and Brody have been seeing a lot of each other recently and are not afraid to engage in some PDA in front of friends. @MTV @Brody Jenner @👻 @the hills



B09ebBco1O9 🚨🚨🚨 Mischa Barton and James Abercrombie Split: Why She Called It Quits. The 33-year-old The O.C. alum and star of The Hills: New Beginnings and her Australian model boyfriend James Abercrombie have called it quits, E! News has confirmed. "Mischa and James are over," a source close to Mischa told E! News on Friday. "The reason she broke up with him is to focus on her career. This is the first time Mischa is actually having a second life in her career, and she wants to focus on it," the source said. "That's the reason she broke up with him." "It's a new Mischa, and she is super happy about her future again," the source told E! News. "She is all focused on the best she can be. She is really focused on her career. She is changing her life." @MTV @Mischa Barton @the hills



B01LjB7K0aA We have reached the mid season of The Hills ✨ New Beginnings first season.. Who is your favorite so far and who you do not stand? @MTV @Audrina Patridge @Whitney Port @Brody Jenner @heidimontag @Mischa Barton @Stephanie Pratt @PRATT DADDY @the hills



B0ytsRfHUrU Meet Justin new flame @lindseypelas on tonight episode of The Hills New Beginnings ✨ Do you know her? Some men probably do 😉





B0rOizmK6b8 🚨🚨🚨 BRODY JENNER SPLITS FROM KAITLYNN CARTER!!! Never Really Got Married Brody Jenner is living the single life again ... we've learned he and Kaitlynn Carter are calling it quits a year after they got married -- or so we thought. Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Brody and Kaitlynn are done, and she's already moved out of the house they shared together. We're told Kaitlynn wanted 2 things from Brody -- a baby and a legal marriage -- but Brody ultimately decided he didn't want to do either, so they broke up. She wanted a legal marriage because turns out they never made it official after holding a ceremony last summer in Indonesia. You'll recall ... Brody and Kaitlynn had a big blowout celebration on the island of Nihi Sumba in June 2018, complete with fireworks -- in the sky and among the guests. Remember, Brody's dad, Caitlyn Jenner, had skipped the nuptials to attend a gala in Austria. We've confirmed Kaitlynn and Brody never followed up to get a marriage license here in the States ... meaning they never had a legal union. Seems Brody is already fully embracing life as a bachelor, recently hanging with his boys for a night out on the town. You'll notice ... the wedding ring he slipped on at his "wedding" is no longer on his finger. @MTV @Brody Jenner @Kaitlynn Carter @the hills



B0rGJPUHhRs Ok this is a #throwback to remind us how good would it be to have some characters parents featuring on @thehills. For context this is Lynn, Audrina 's mom after her daughter had been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars 😂



B0oECjZoaFK Heidi told Page Six TV that she asked MTV when she should get pregnant with her second child. “I asked MTV when would be the best time [to get pregnant] and they said, ‘Right around January!’ ” she revealed. “That’s when I wanted it anyway, so it works out perfectly, because we’re not filming.” @MTV @heidimontag @the hills



B0mFBY-oGEE Head over @prattcast and listen to the podcast where Stephanie Pratt is revealing some juicy and twisted fact about The Hills, Audrina and more.. Spoiler based on Stephanie conversation: 📍 What we see on the show is not what really happened while filming it, Production is cutting important parts and twisting lots of stuff 😒 📍 Audrina is not interested in JB, she was actually hooking up with someone else off show 📍Stephanie was "forced" back in the days to film with Lauren's boyfriend and flirting with him otherwise she would not be payed 📍 Much more 🙊 @MTV @Wells Adams @Stephanie Pratt @the hills @WellsCast



B0h_o9JKpXO 🚨🚨🚨 Audrina Patridge Claims Corey Bohan Sexually Abused Their Daughter! (And HE Says She’s Lying Because Of ‘The Hills’!) 😲 Last week, “The Hills” star, 34, obtained a temporary restraining order against Bohan that prohibited him from coming near her or their 3-year-old daughter, Kirra Max; however, this week, Bohan has fired back at Patridge, saying she falsely claimed he sexually abused Kirra, The Blast reported. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Patridge’s ex-husband claimed, “In May 2019, Audrina made false claims of child sexual abuse against me to CPS. An investigation was done and the results of the investigation were that the allegations were unfounded.” Bohan, 37, further claimed that Patridge spewed false allegations in order to obtain restraining orders against him and “gain an advantage” in their custody battle. He also alleged that Patridge’s legal proclamation claimed Kirra was examined by a doctor who determined she showed signs of alleged abuse, but Bohan claimed he has Kirra’s complete medical records and “no where [sic] in those records does it indicate that there was ever a concern about Kirra being sexually abused or that she has even undergone a child sexual abuse allegation.” He also said he believed Patridge was “coaching” their daughter to make “false statements, which is, in and of itself, psychological abuse of Kirra.” “Audrina has made deplorable and false accusations against me,” Bohan said in the documents, “so that she can exploit our daughter for her own financial gain by having her filmed and having her appear on reality television, specifically MTV’s ‘The Hills: New Beginnings.'” Bohan’s attorneys claimed, “Despite CPS investigations and findings, Petitioner has continued to make claims of child sexual abuse to law enforcement and has sought to limit Respondents’ custodial time based thereon. This type of behavior is not only detrimental to the child’s emotional and mental well-being.” Both Patridge and Bohan appeared in court on Monday. @MTV @Audrina Patridge @the hills



B0eeYxHIqce #Sunday #throwback Fact: Did you know that way before Kaitlyn, Brody Jenner and #Avrillavigne have been a couple? 👀 @MTV @Brody Jenner @Avril Lavigne @the hills



B0b08XXob3D 🚨TheHills' Audrina Patridge's ex husband must stay 100 yards away from her and their daughter after Audrina filed an emergency motion earlier this month that included allegations of domestic violence 👀 😲 @MTV @Audrina Patridge @the hills



B0TlrR1oKX4 In a long post @officialstephpratt talks about @heidimontag 😳 behavior plus she addresses the @justinbobbybrescia "affair", Stephanie also replied to a fan asking if she would coming back for season 2 😮 swipe left to see what she said.. What do you think?



B0RogceoSs5 Whitney Port opens up about suffering a #miscarriage happened two weeks ago 😳 @MTV @Whitney Port @MTV Italia @the hills



B0Ld3TLoVPr Wondering about @Whitney Port on @the hills, well here is what she said: "If you wanna see me on the show you can see me on you tube" 😅 P. S. She has a you tube channel where she talks about her family life and The Hills stuff @MTV



B0CQrH5on4H The Hills: Old Beginnings 👴 👵