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Just your resident Country Music goth 🧛🏻‍♂️ Songwriter/Singer Warner/Atlantic California raised/Nashville based Debut album “DARK HORSE” OUT NOW


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@zdevin 7 hours ago

B5skcaPl9Zf Last weekend of shows for the year (the decade actually) ... then back in the cave to finish mixes on the next album 😈 2020 shaping up nicely - can’t wait to share all this new stuff with y’all !! Photo by @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 6 days ago

B5cxrOhl2E2 Florida sunrise w/ my wife in B&W (this could actually be a mid day shot & you’d never know in b&w 😂 but my groggy face says it all ... color proof in my story 😎) • Never had sunrises this good growing up in Cali 🖤 @Leah Sykes Durrett



@zdevin 1 week ago

B5azuy7lexw Happy Turkey Day to you & y’all’s from Florida w/ the Sykes fam 🖤 @Brad Sykes @Leah Sykes Durrett @Hannah Sykes @Vicki Sykes



@zdevin 1 week ago

B5NxN_ily9l Who says black can’t shine bright?? ♾ photo by @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 1 week ago

B5K_FGrpFju I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet ... but “Christmas Time is Here” - OUT NOW - audio streaming everywhere & full length in-studio video on my YouTube channel now. Had a lot of fun making this my own, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did. #linkinbio



@zdevin 2 weeks ago

B5IrnmjJ82b Helping y’all get in the spirit 🎅🏻🤶🏻 • Bringing back my version of “Christmas Time is Here” (Live with my band & produced by my twin @hauf.worldwide) • Audio & video streaming everywhere TOMORROW. Photo by @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 2 weeks ago

B5GUAnfpMmI @snoopdogg keepin’ me company in the studio today... 🤙🏻🐶🤙🏻 • photo by @tylerjconrad #DDLP2 @DOMREBEL Montréal @James Perse



@zdevin 2 weeks ago

B4-RaiMpKdZ “C’mon baby let’s dip” @Leah Sykes Durrett @WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER



@zdevin 2 weeks ago

B4722Y3pGH1 2 days in & we’re already vibinnnnn • gonna be a fun run with @kipmooremusic & the Slow Hearts on the #roomtospare tour 🤘🏻😎 • PENSACOLA, FL TONIGHT !



@zdevin 2 weeks ago

B45HcFhJyKO She always has my back 🖤 • Photo by @jimmyfisco @Leah Sykes Durrett



@zdevin 3 weeks ago

B423S5yJ7RB First @cma red carpet with my WIFE was a night to remember. Thank you for always making me look this good @Leah Sykes Durrett I love you. Photo by the one & only @johnshearer of course. • • • Styled by @kimperrettstylist Suit by @ericadlerclothing Boots by @dustbowen / @lucchese Bolo tie by @threewolvestrading



@zdevin 3 weeks ago

B4z_DrUJRSi Got to meet one of my hero’s last night... Huge congrats on the @Broadcast Music, Inc. ICON award last night @Dwight Yoakam - also the @Bob Weir photo bomb is pretty damn bad ass haha - CALIFORNIA COUNTRY ‘TILL I DIE 🤘🏻😎 • photo by Erika Goldring for BMI



@zdevin 3 weeks ago

B4nGp7kJDxb Changed man. Photo by @victoriabonvicini @Leah Sykes Durrett



@zdevin 4 weeks ago

B4kjJUAJUPg Pumped for @cma awards next week ! Shot by @fordfairchild at the CMA Nominee dinner last week.



@zdevin 4 weeks ago

B4gGiiglWQw Been 🍯🌘’n with @Leah Sykes Durrett 🖤



@zdevin 1 month ago

B4U4wbRpNOB I put the Z in @zdevin - she protected our freedoms - and he ... well he just kept asking us “Why so serious??” @Leah Sykes Durrett



@zdevin 1 month ago

B4K2EGypxJe I married my dream girl last night @Leah Sykes Durrett 🖤 check out @People Magazine for a few of the details - link in bio - 📷 : @WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER



@zdevin 1 month ago

B4GRHtUppgC If you know me you know how damn stoked I am to be a part of #CASHFEST here in Nashville! • • • Excited to celebrate the premiere of @YouTube’s ‘The Gift: The Journey of @JohnnyCash’ • This is gonna be a night of friends & jams honoring a man that I sure as hell wouldn’t be the same without • Get tickets now and follow @YouTubeMusic for a sneak peek into the show #JohnnyCashTheGift. Link in bio.



@zdevin 1 month ago

B4BPmk7l7Jl Somehow i won this ukulele by getting ‘closest to the pin’ today. Gorgeous day of golf with my Nashville family • THANK YOU @nmpaorg for putting on this dope event every year! Cheers ! - DD @Nick Wayne



@zdevin 1 month ago

B325xIkJvwp California ALWAYS lifts me up! Thanks y’all for a dope weekend of shows. #bootsinthepark @Migs



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3w7hyjJrfk I figured out how to use self timer so i could show off this dope sweater i got that we all know is hella true 👹 • 📷 - @zdevin



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3ujsz7J8GG Licensed practitioners of love ... 10 Days 🖤 @Leah Sykes Durrett



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3sYA-bpl1Z Me + @Travis Denning = ‘California Georgia Line’ ... (swipe for foolishness 🤣🤣) • 📷 - @mattcarsonvideo



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3mqLruF9xy • • • Two of my best friends @paulblg & @thekatiestevens got married yesterday & unfortunately I couldn’t be there because I’m in Europe for some shows. Katie wanted me to sing this song at their wedding & it kills me that I wasn’t able to. Paul, Scooter Carusoe & myself wrote this one, & it’s one of my favorites from the last couple months. • • • The backstory goes ... One day I was driving in my truck with @leahgracesykes & I was showing her some of my favorite heartbreak songs. I played her “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt ... & I said, “Doesn’t that just CRUSH you ??” ... she said it didn’t hit her as hard as it did for me - because she’s never really been heartbroken. I couldn’t believe it. My songwriter wheels started turning and I had to write about it the next day. Well coincidentally that’s the same exact song Katie sang for Paul on their first date ... & she’s never been heartbroken either. What are the chances?? ... How crazy is it to be with someone that you know you’re going to spend the rest of your life with ... who’s never known the feeling of a heartbreak ? I loved the idea of “If she hasn’t experienced it by now ... well I guess she never will” - essentially I thought it was a cool & unique way to say ‘I’m never going to break your heart.” • • • Paul & Katie - I wish I could’ve been there for y’all, but I hope this is the second best thing. I’m beyond happy for you guys and I love you to death! Congrats on forever!! -DD



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3kRwPRF19x Having a damn blast out here in Europe on the @introducingnashville tour with @travisrdenning / @daniellebradbery / @rachelwammack • Berlin, Germany tonight - Amsterdam tomorrow - & then back home to marry my dream girl @leahgracesykes ! Cheers!! • 🎥 - @mattcarsonvideo



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3fFH1ypnUr #MYTAKE • “There’s a difference between ‘Love ya’ & ‘I love you’ ... & I wanna be the difference” • When we wrote this one we wanted to show that even one letter can make a huge difference in telling someone what they mean to you • Audio & video streaming everywhere - hope y’all dig #MYTAKE on ‘The Difference’ available NOW #linkinbio • 📷 - @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3dAF8mlNrC The next ‘My Take’ ... tomorrow • “The Difference” by my NorCal brother @tylerrich • Written w/ @hauf.worldwide / @thebennyburgess / @officialrhettakins • hope y’all dig #MYTAKE • shot by @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3Zw0m0lQ3x Say hey to my band. We all went to college together. I met most of them the first day I moved to Nashville (you can’t make that shit up). They’ve helped bring my words to life, & travelled the world with me to help bring those words to y’all. I’m honored to have them back in the studio with me for this next album. Having a studio band that is also my live band is something unique that we bring to our Nashville sound, & I’ll take any chance I can get to sing their praises. I wouldn’t be here the same without them! These are my brothers & I love ‘em 🖤 • 📷 - @tylerjconrad @Kip Allen @Austin Taylor Smith @Sam Rodberg @Nick DiMaria



@zdevin 1 month ago

B3VTrftFqEM & it begins ... DDLP2 studio session 1 • Oct 2019 • 📷 - @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 2 months ago

B3LXDiRFM7t Phoning around • 📷 - @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 2 months ago

B3FJicwJ1Wx YESTERDAY we rehearsed new words & music ... TODAY we start recording DDLP2 • cheers to the next chapter ! 🥃📝📗 • 📸 - @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 2 months ago

B3C9JoMp3kS My heart is broken & mourning for busbee & his family & loved ones today. I was fortunate enough to know him, create with him, & learn a lot about life & music from him. I didn’t know the day @lauraveltz took this photo, how thankful I would be for it. I know you’re resting in paradise. Miss & love you, Buz 🖤



@zdevin 2 months ago

B2663iNnFYK #MYTAKE on ‘Truck I Drove In High School’ by @m10penny OUT NOW • Audio & Video streaming EVERYWHERE • #linkinbio



@zdevin 2 months ago

B25rDwYlJls #MYTAKE on ‘Truck I Drove In High School’ is OUT NOW. Live Audio & Video streaming everywhere. Wrote this one with @m10penny / @andrewalbert / @jordanmschmidt • Hope y’all dig! Cheers - DD • #linkinbio



@zdevin 2 months ago

B25Ex4dlQoL #MYTAKE ... Starts tomorrow. A video/audio installment of me singing songs I’ve written for other artists. The first one is “Truck I Drove In High School” by @Mitchell Tenpenny • I wrote it with M10 / @Andy Albert / @jordanmschmidt • Hope y’all dig #MYTAKE on it.



@zdevin 2 months ago

B22uphIlKjt Since y’all were diggin’ #MYTAKE on “God’s Country” so much ... I thought it would be cool between now & new music to record some more videos of me singing songs I’ve written for other artists. Y’all down ? Can you guess which one comes first ?? #MYTAKE ... FRIDAY.



@zdevin 2 months ago

B2u-NJQFojH Thankful for these guys in my life. We had one hell of a time this weekend in NorCal for my bachelor party. 35 days till I’m a married man ! 🍷🍾🍻⛳️🌊🌤🌉🌆 @Daniel Kutch @Grant Blevins @Austin Taylor Smith @HAUF @Kyle Fishman @Matt Roberts @Josh Tomlinson



@zdevin 2 months ago

B2jsh_RnXSk I’m just gonna leave this here .... @Leah Sykes Durrett / @CALEIGH RYAN🍋🍋🍋 / @Renee Blair / @HARDY / @jordanmschmidt ... when the boys are trying to rehearse ...



@zdevin 2 months ago

B2aKi8OFZvM When me, @hardy, & @blakeshelton find ourselves together on a Friday night at @sapcenter ... this is what happens ... this got me HIGH !! Thank you Blake for always sharing the light with us & Happy Birthday to my boy Hardy. #GodsCountry



@zdevin 2 months ago

B2WwdgRFD3Z Fired up to be a part of this powerhouse album @HARDY ! Y’all check out “ONE BEER” w/ @Lauren Alaina (also it’s HARDY’s Bday so y’all show him some love!) #Hixtape @somehoodlum



@zdevin 2 months ago

B2Shb4HFXtT Pre date night wine & fetch. The wine was a little woody for my taste tho ... (I like to take @leahgracesykes out on Wednesday’s because they’re like my Friday’s before I bus/fly out to come hang with y’all 🤘🏻😎🖤) @Sasori



@zdevin 2 months ago

B2ErlsIJMhI We wrote three songs yesterday. Does that make me a Junkie ?? Thanks for letting me invade the hallowed ground #LoveJunkies 🤘🏻😎🖤 @Lori McKenna @Liz Rose Music



@zdevin 3 months ago

B110VFlJHf2 • BACKSTORY • (swipe for humiliation) @luke_p_reynolds has been our tour manager and production manager off & on for a couple years now. I’m a huge @manchesterunited fan & unfortunately for him, he’s a @chelseafc fan 👎🏻 welp... coincidently the first game of the season our teams faced each other. We made a bet that the loser had to sport the other team’s merch for a weekend. We SLAPPED them 4-0 & while I didn’t make him wear the jersey the whole weekend... I did make him take these pictures & videos 😂😂😂 As the band slows down touring for the fall when we go back into the studio to work on LP2 (!!!!!!) this was Luke’s last weekend with us for a while. If you’ve seen us in the past year or so - & you had a good time with us - this man is to thank for a lot of it. Luke, we’re grateful for your friendship & hard work, & we’ll see you down the road soon. LOVE YA JOEY ! 🤘🏻😎⚽️ “GO MAN U !!!”



@zdevin 3 months ago

B1zdmLpnACa I apologize for the long drawn out post ... but honestly I didn’t know how else to say something so important to me. • • • As the Dark Horse album chapter comes to a close & new music starts to pave the way for the next direction, I can’t help but feel grateful when I reflect on the past couple of years. It’s been nothing short of amazing seeing this song & album spread their wings & look back on all the places they’ve allowed me to experience. Getting to travel the U.S. with this music & introduce myself to y’all has been a privilege, & thinking about all the locations outside of the States that I’ve been lucky enough to explore has been crazy. Canada, The UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan... all places I never dreamed that music would take me... All places that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting new Dark Horse Family members along the way. With all that being said, I thought it would be cool to release this LIVE video of me singing "Dark Horse" from Australia as a THANK YOU for being part of this first chapter. When we were playing in Sydney recently I had a couple days to roam the city. A couple miles southwest of the heart of the city, sits St. Stephens Anglican Church. One of the oldest churches in all of Australia (1874). It was in the middle of a cemetery & had a benevolent & dark gothic vibe to it. It was honestly just really tranquil & inspiring... so I had to pull out my guitar. We recorded a couple video takes of "Dark Horse" & just chose one of them that we liked. This is a very raw and unmixed performance, but it just needs to be that way... No frills. So again, THANK YOU for being part of this first chapter. I hope this video feels like a heavy bookend that fits perfectly on the mantle, I hope you’re as excited for new music as I am & I hope you enjoy this LIVE video of "Dark Horse" from St. Stephens Church while you wait. I’ll be in touch - cheers - DD • • • Full video on my YouTube channel // link in my bio.



@zdevin 3 months ago

B1tmVBQpypU Looks like it’s suits & boots for us boys @HARDY @jordanmschmidt !!! FIRED UP for @Blake Shelton & all of his huge @Country Music Association nominations this year & honored to be considered next to all the other powerhouse nominees... CHEERS ! -DD



@zdevin 3 months ago

B1jfdWSJm5w Reach for the sky ... Even if it’s storming ⛈ • 📷 - @tylerjconrad



@zdevin 3 months ago

B1grs17p0Ea Y’all asked for it ... Here ya go ! My take on “God’s Country” LIVE from the riverside is streaming EVERYWHERE NOW • If you haven’t seen the full video on @youtube yet - give that a spin as well. Happy New Music Friday 🤘🏻😎 #linkinbio



@zdevin 3 months ago

B1SAjaUJLQL Didn’t shave my mustache OR any strokes off my golf game today ... but we had a hell of a time. Thanks for the hospitality #MayRiverGolfClub @Jeff Krones @Todd Ramey



@zdevin 3 months ago

B1M2O8kn8cj #tbt to shotgunning beers with my brothers in @LANCO when we played our first full band show together the night before @windycitysmokeout • I’d like to add that I WON (the first bottle drop is a water bottle from a cheater) • Also we still ain’t got nothin’ on @lukecombs ... Teach us your ways sensei ... 🍺🍻🍺 • Also pretty sure the full one at the end belongs to @tripphowell •



@zdevin 3 months ago