What conditions are necessary for growing an olive tree

Olive trees are not just plants, they are a symbol of peace, health and longevity. That’s why many gardeners tend to grow this plant in their garden. Note that some varieties of the tree can also be grown at home. For example, olea europaea kopen is a house plant and does not need special care.

Stages of cultivation

To get a high-quality result, you must first prepare the soil well.  The soil should be light, well-drained and fertile. A mixture of sand, humus soil and a small amount of peat is best suited.   Olive trees love sunny places, so choose a place for them where they will get enough sunlight during the day. Avoid shaded areas and places with stagnant water.

Before planting the plant in the soil, it is necessary to make sure that the roots are well soaked with water. It is necessary to make a special hole in the soil, which is slightly larger than the root system of the plant, and carefully install the tree in the hole. Then you should cover it with earth and pour it well. Olive trees do not require frequent watering, especially after they have taken root. Water the plant regularly, but moderately, avoiding waterlogging of the soil. The plant should be fed with special fertilizers that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This is necessary to stimulate growth and development. Fertilize the plant in spring and autumn, following the instructions on the package.

Regular pruning will help maintain the shape of the crown and stimulate fruiting. Trees should be pruned in autumn or winter, removing diseased, damaged or overlapping branches. Following these simple tips, you can grow a healthy and beautiful olive tree that will delight with its fruits and beauty for many years.

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