What you need to know about social engineering: basic information about it

The Internet is not just about opportunities. The digital age has not changed people, and scammers have not disappeared anywhere. But there was an additional threat — hackers. Today, every company needs Security Awareness, and social engineering from CQR will help to achieve a high level of protection.

The concept

Social engineering is a complex of manipulative actions aimed at obtaining user data and funds. Using the knowledge of psychology, social engineers force people to perform the actions they need: provide access to their account, transfer money, provide a password or bank card data. In many cases, scammers rub themselves into the trust so that after the person remains grateful and even advises them to their colleagues and friends. And he loses money.

Certain techniques of social engineering have been known since ancient times. In the cyber era, engineers usually act through social networks and email, but they also practice direct communication with people.

Principle of operation

CQR will conduct an attack on your company using social engineering. By all available means, the firm will convince employees to disclose the data. The approach is complex, so CQR will take advantage of every impromptu and does not disdain a physical attack on information carriers. However, the main tools — phishing, pretexting, reverse engineering, data collection from open sources — are the basic techniques of social engineers.

The goal is simple and clear. Social engineering from CQR simulates a real attacker attack and allows you to identify all existing vulnerabilities. Based on the results of the audit, CQR will make a detailed report describing all the security flaws and recommendations for their elimination. The last step is to train your company’s employees to counteract social engineering.


CQR are professionals in the cyber defense market. The company’s services can be divided into two blocks. The first focuses on protecting clients, the second on attacking them in order to detect vulnerabilities and eliminate them later. Both teams are working perfectly.

Social engineering services allow you to test your cybersecurity service for the most popular type of attacks. Your assets and your users’ data will be safe. CQR conducts a comprehensive check, revealing vulnerabilities as much as possible.

The best approach is comprehensive. CQR offers different types of attacks that allow you to detect all existing types of vulnerabilities.

And there are different ways of protection that allow these vulnerabilities to be covered. The equipment and the streaming systems used are constantly being improved and reflect the maximum possible number of hacker attacks. Order a full security audit, and then outsource cyber defense to CQR and enjoy data security.

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