What you need to know about the features of computer network protection

Protection of computer networks and systems is an important task for companies, organizations, and individual users. Hackers are continuously improving hacking systems, in particular counting on the psychology of a person who often gives them access himself. To avoid such phenomena, Security Awareness of each user is required.

Features of security services

CQR company specializes in protecting computers from external attacks. It offers Awareness training for any organization to increase the competence of ordinary staff and managers in this field. The acquired knowledge will allow you not to commit rash acts, to protect yourself from external attacks of any kind. In combination with training, Phishing Testing is carried out when the level of comprehensive protection is checked.

One of the options for penetration into a computer system is the method of social engineering. It is designed to use the human factor, weaknesses or ignorance of users. In this case, the calculation is based on a person opening their data, transferring a password or verification methods to third-party resources.

This approach of attackers can be successful even if one employee of the organization shows inattention or ignorance. It is he who will open a point for hackers to penetrate and steal data, and other actions.

Using the services of CQR, it is possible to train all personnel according to a single methodology, set the same standards of actions, and determine the algorithm of work of all employees.

The work consists of the following stages:

  1. Modeling of a wide variety of situations using social engineering technology is carried out.
  2. Using real examples, all personnel are told about the capabilities of intruders, the techniques they use, and the response actions of employees are being worked out.
  3. Based on the activities carried out, he makes a report and recommendations on the organization of the company’s work.
  4. Plans are made in case of repelling various attacks, and they are brought to all employees.


CQR specialists have extensive experience in finding vulnerabilities, know all the tricks of hackers, so they can prepare staff for any situation. The work is carried out comprehensively, all the possibilities of intruders are taken into account and all weak points are closed.

Carries out an individual approach that takes into account the capabilities of the company, the specifics of its activities, the level of training of personnel.

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