Why is pentest an important procedure and how is it performed

The business infrastructure is full of various vulnerabilities. It is necessary to detect them before it is done by hackers.

Pentest as a Service is offered by a trusted CQR organization. You will be provided with detailed advice on penetration testing, experienced specialists will protect your valuable information from intruders.

Pentest: main features

This is a service that simulates the actions of a hacker. Thanks to this option, you can detect all vulnerabilities, assess the security of the main systems from the outside and from the inside, check every detail.

Experts who are engaged in pen testing will detect absolutely all attack vectors. Nowadays, hackers use various methods to gain access to information and hack computer systems.

Penetration testing from CQR will give you the opportunity to look at your system through the eyes of a hacker. You will be ready for attacks, you will be able to prevent them and protect important information from third parties. Pen test will protect you from security breaches, so don’t ignore it.

What types of testing can be carried out?

In practice, some types of testing can be used. Among the characteristics of the main options are:

  1. External pentest. Experts will assess whether the external security perimeter of the organization is effective. They will detect and monitor cyber attacks, find all vulnerabilities in resources that come from the external network. The company uses innovative technologies in practice to eliminate errors.
  2. Internal pentest. The service is necessary in order to check whether the company is protected from cyber threats in case hackers gain access to the internal network. In addition, the possibilities of hacking systems by dishonest specialists will be evaluated. They will also be protected from the careless actions of those employees who work in the organization.
  3. Testing the Internet access point. This type of service is of interest to those people who want to check whether wireless Internet access points are secure. All technologies will be subjected to a thorough analysis, so nothing will be missed.

Order Penetration Testing right now to protect all systems from intruders. You can prevent hackers from stealing important data, as experienced specialists will detect and eliminate all vulnerabilities!

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